iPhone 6s & 6s Plus, iPad Pro: What's New From an IOS Developer's Perspective?


While developing iOS apps, programmers have to focus on different models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to deliver richer user experience across multiple iOS devices. Despite running on the same version of iOS, the screen size, features and functionality of individual devices differ. So the new models of these varied devices unveiled by Apple recently at an event in San Francisco will have a huge impact on iOS app development.

Based on the information released by Apple, the developers can easily identify the noteworthy features of iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPad Pro. The new iPhone models are designed for regular users, whereas iPad Pro is designed by targeting professionals and enterprise users. The developers need to take advantage of specific features of the various Apple devices to make the new iOS apps deliver better and richer user experience, and get higher returns.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s will have a 4.7 inch screen, whereas 6s Plus version will have a 5.5 inch screen size. As the screen sizes of new models are similar to that of the already available 6 and 6 Plus, the screen sizes of the new models will not have a significant impact on the app development front. But the 3D technology introduced by Apple will completely transform mobile app development. The feature borrowed from Apple Watch enables users to apply different levels of pressure on the device's touch screen.

For instance, the users can now simply press hard on the Maps app, and see shortcuts to related options like Directions Home and Mark My Locations. Likewise, the 3D touch feature enables users to pulls up a quick view of the content of an email simply by hard clicking on an unread email in the inbox. The quick view will enable users to read its content, without marking the email as read. So the app developers have to allow users to access important parts or aspects of an app without opening the application or following certain steps.

The latest models of iPhone will also include 2nd generation Touch ID, 64-bit A9 chip with M9, 5MP FaceTime HD with Retina Flash, 12MP iSight camera and 4K video, and Live Photo. Major manufacturers will further use advanced lenses to enhance the 12 megapixel capacity of the iSight camera. This feature will encourage users to capture crisper and sharper images, and post those on online social networking websites. They can even take advantage of the Live Photo feature to create a video clip by stitching high quality photos together. So the improved iSight camera and Live Photo feature will have a definite impact on iOS app development.

iPad Pro

Apple has designed iPad Pro with 12.9 inch screen size to meet the requirements of professionals and enterprise users. In comparison to iPad Air, the Pro version has a bigger screen, more processing power, and better accessories. The users now have option to use Apple Pencil to interact with the iPad screen more proactively. The screen on iPad Pro will respond according to the level of pressure applied by the stylus, while showing appropriate apps related to drawing and handwriting.

The users also have an option to interact with iPad Pro through the Smart Keyboard that includes physical keys in a manner similar to laptop keyboards. The smart connector included in Smart Keyboard can further transfer both power and data. Apple has already upgraded its Mail and Notes apps to support the stylus. While developing apps for this device, the iOS app developers have to keep in mind that users will love to access and interact with their apps through Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. At the same time, they also need to concentrate on Split View, Slide Over, Picture in Picture and similar multitasking enhancements for iPad included in iOS 9.

As is obviously the case, the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Pro will be powered by iOS. Apple has already released beta preview versions of iOS 9 with several new features and enhancements. So the developers need to focus on the upcoming version of Apple's mobile platform, along with the iPhone and iPad models unveiled by the company recently.


Source by Mukesh Pandian

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