Homeopathy Provides Alternative Cures For Insomnia


Insomnia is one of the most dreadful sleep disturbances anyone can suffer from. This entails either difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or both. Most insomnia treatments require the use of sleeping pills which contain many dangerous and highly addictive ingredients and this is why people often seek alternative cures for insomnia.

It affects many individuals and many people experience this at least some time during their life-time. 20% of people suffer from chronic insomnia and have to live with the problem of not being able to get eight hours of sleep a night, which is more-or-less what we all require to function normally.

There are prescription medications, over the counter medication and all kinds of methods available to try and cure insomnia. This problem receives a great deal of attention, however homeopathy is one way of curing your insomnia without resorting to dangerous chemical preparations. Insomnia can be caused by anxiety, stress and overactive though processes. While relaxation therapy is very useful in diminishing these symptoms a little homeopathic help to relax certainly won’t hurt.

One of the most prevalent treatments to use in curing insomnia is strangely enough a derivative of the coffee bean. This preparation is known as coffee cruda and is used particularly where the insomnia is cause by stress or anxiety, as well as too much coffee drinking. Aconite can be used for insomnia related to grief or panic and is particularly good for people who are awoken from sleep by nightmares. Ignatia, Nux Vomica and Arnica are also helpful for various types of insomnia.

Sleeplessness can also be caused by underlying health problems, such as problems with the prostrate. In these circumstances it is important to find a solution for the underlying medical condition and the insomnia may just cure itself. If not, there are homeopathic preparations available. Homeopathic preparations are also regulated by the FDA so are safe for use.

Medication is useful for this problem, but only as a short-term solution. Sedative-hypnotics have many side effects and use of them is highly controversial because of this. People have been found to be more receptive to behavior modification techniques for insomnia than the use of these dangerous drugs.


Source by Geoff White

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