Facebook Privacy Policy in a Nutshell


The Facebook Privacy Policy can be found on its own website and it contains over 200 lines of clauses and terms. The following article will depict the most important points contained in this policy. But at start it is important to note that Facebook says it is certified licensee of the TRUSTe Privacy Seal Program. This means that its privacy policy and practices have been reviewed by TRUSTe, an independent organization focused on reviewing privacy and security policies and practices, for compliance with its strict program requirements. Here are the most important points of Facebook Privacy Policy:

  • Children below age 13 are not accepted and any information about children below that age are not stored.
  • Facebook will not store your password you provide to Facebook in order to import your contact list from you email account such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail …
  • Facebook will log your activities on its website, which means whatever action you do on your profile will be logged.
  • Facebook might share information with advertisers about your behavior on THEIR website! So if you click on an ad on Facebook and you went to the advertiser site and navigated N number of pages or selected this item or that item, Facebook is likely to know! However Facebook says that after 180 days (6months) this information will be 'anonymized' which means it won't be associated to your account any more.
  • Now the biggest issue is in third party applications:
    • Facebook does not guarantee that any third party application will comply with its privacy policy.
    • If a friend of yours added a third party application and gave it enough permissions, this application will be able to access any data on your profile that your friend can access by himself. So you are at the mercy of your friend wise judgment.

To learn more about Facebook Privacy Policy follow this link . To check Facebook TRUSTe license click here .


Source by Ziad Youssef Salloum

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