Digidesign's Pro Tools – Is it Right For You?


Digidesign's Pro Tools software is the "industry standard" and is used by many (if not most) major label studios for their recordings. So shouldn't you use it too? Not necessarily. It may be the right choice for your needs or it might not. You need to consider your specific situation before deciding to go with Pro Tools.

First of all you should realize that the LE & M-Powered versions that you are likely considering are not the same as the professional version of Pro Tools that is used in pro music studios. They are limited versions. You should also know that Pro Tools is well known for working better on Mac computers than it does on PC computers. In fact as of right now Pro Tools doesn't work on the latest version of Windows at all (Vista.) While the next version of Pro Tools is going to work on Windows Vista, it will only work on the Ultimate version of Vista ( which you most likely do not have.) If you have a PC I would definitely consider the alternatives.

If you already own an audio interface you should be aware that it may not work with your audio interface. Pro Tools is designed to work with Digidesign's audio interfaces. Again, if you already own an audio interface I would definitely consider the alternatives.

If you own a Mac computer (with at least 1 GB of RAM) and do not already own an audio interface then you may very well find that a Digidesign audio interface (which comes with Pro Tools LE or M-Powered) is your best choice . This is generally a pretty affordable solution and it will likely work well with your computer.

But if you own a PC and / or you already own an audio interface I recommend looking into the alternatives such as Cubase, Nuendo, & SONAR. There's nothing particularly special about Pro Tools, these alternative programs will work well for you. Please note that SONAR only works with PC computers. Cubase & Nuendo work well with PCs and Macs.


Source by Johnny Moon

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