Children’s Privacy: It Is Important


As parents we tend to get protective about our kids. We want to protect them from all the pain and harm in the world. That is why it is very difficult for a parent to avoid sneaking a peek at a kid’s diary or checking emails. While it is important for kids to have their privacy, it is also the task of a parent to ensure their safety. Privacy should not be maintained at the risk of a child getting into trouble or harm.

Therefore, parents should keep an eye out for certain signs and symptoms. If your child comes home smelling of cigarette smoke, then you do have the right to question the child whether he or she was smoking. Or if you suddenly notice drastic behavioral changes in your child and he or she is avoiding contact with friends and not taking part in activities like before, it could be a sign of adolescent depression. However, you will never be able to figure out that your teenager has problems if you do not make an effort to spend time alone with him or her. Instead of trying to be a parent, try to be a friend. The teenager should feel comfortable enough in your presence to talk about things that matter to them. Do not goad or nag them because they will clam up. Instead, let them speak when they are ready.

While teenagers cherish their privacy and guard it with vengeance, parents should lay some ground rules. For instance, it is perfectly okay for a parent to tell the teenager that his or her privacy will be respected provided they behave accordingly. The moment their behavior is a cause of concern, the citadel of their privacy will be breached. This would be especially true if the teenager is hell bent on denying problems that are evident.

Make sure that you have an open line of communication. Be strict but fair. Respect your teenager’s privacy as long as there is no cause for concern. The best way for a teenager to open up to you is by showing them that you are their friend and they can talk about anything with you. This way you will not have to sneak into their bedroom and read their diary or check their private documents!


Source by Kum Martin

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