Aion Priest Class Guide


Priests are one of the most important and popular classes in Aion, and if you start your game off as a Priest, you are almost certain to secure a place in a group raid, since a Priest can be crucial to the survival and success of group raids. Their primary job is to heal, protect, fortify and to weaken the enemy. They are responsible to keep the team healthy and running, while also ensuring to buff them to save their skins, so all the party members value the importance of a Priest, which also makes the Priest a high priority target for the opposing party, true in the case of a P v P battle.

One advantage that attackers have is the fact that the Priest, though plays a role in healing other players, is weak when it comes to armor protection, and is only covered by leather armor, so it always smart to escort a Priest with a character of a class that can strongly resist attacks, like a Warrior class character. But that does not mean that they are not capable of a fight, in fact they can make a significant difference in the battlefield. Apart from using staves, maces, and being the only class other than Warriors to be able to protect themselves with shields, the primary weapon of a Priest are spells. These spells can either be used for healing or for inflicting damage on the enemies. It is spells in which the Priest class earns all its specialties that matter, which especially make a difference in its specializations. The Priest class specializes to either become Chanters or Clerics, as winged Daevas after they are offered the Daeva Quest in level 9.

In the advanced level, the Priest class displays its skills as a Chanter, which is the ultimate buff creator in the game, obviously buffing allies and debuffing enemies and being the more combatant of the two Priest specialization classes, while a Cleric, which is similar in some ways to the Spiritmaster specialization of the Mage, can resurrect dead allies and possesses greater healing powers than any of the classes.

The spells are the special weapons of the Priest, and are used for two purposes: Healing and Long Range Damage Attacks. These two powers are the main pillars of a Priest’s survival in the early levels, and developing these powers becomes one of the most distinctive and valuable attribute of this class. The Priest class can further excel its skills in spells to include powers like armor boosting, enhanced healing powers, resurrection powers, increasing heal-over-time recovery, and halting enemy movement for a brief period of time.


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