Witopia Review – What Is Witopia Service?


Witopia is a service that provides VPN connections to private users. It also allows users to anonymize their transmissions on other equipment, which is increasingly important.

Cloaking and Internet Communications

Most of the time, the information that people get off of the Internet isn’t very interesting to anyone who’s snooping. After all, the Internet is a public forum and most of what people look up and read is available to anyone by simply visiting the site themselves. There are those times, however, when someone wants to make sure that nobody is eavesdropping in on a conversation. This may be because they’re speaking to somebody with whom they need to have confidentiality or because they’re conducting business and they’re worried that trade secrets may be exchanged during the conversation and that somebody may be listening in.

Services such as Witopia offer security features such as SSL/PPTP, SSL and PPTP VPN to users so that they can be assured of their privacy online. They also offer services such as VPN routers that allow the users to mask any and all data, whether or not it is being transmitted to a VPN server or not.

When it’s Appropriate

There are some occasions when people simply want to make sure that their web browsing is anonymous. There is usually nothing nefarious about this. They may be visiting a site that is known to collect data for advertisers that they do not want shared. For example, many sites track users by their IP addresses and, by using a VPN network, your IP address is completely masked. This is simply because another server makes the request to the website you want to visit on your behalf instead of you making it directly from your own IP address. The communication between you and that server is encrypted so that nobody can intercept it and decipher it to see what information is being exchanged.

This is also increasingly popular with services such as VoIP. The reason for this, again, isn’t because people are really trying to hide anything, it simply because people generally don’t like anybody else listening in when they’re talking on the telephone and VoIP services are rapidly displacing telephones but have the inherent weaknesses of Internet security in their design. A protocol such as VPN allows users to enjoy these services safely without having to worry about whether or not somebody else may be listening in on the conversation.

Services such as Banana VPN and other providers ensure that these services are available to everyone. They were formerly only really used by businesses but, with Internet security becoming a more universal concern among consumers, it’s very common for everyday users to make use of the security protocols to ensure that they can use the Internet in peace and security.


Source by Michael Maxstead

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