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The TOK or Warhammer online tome of knowledge is regarded as the virtual guideline or list of progress along the War online game. The development and advancement of each player is recorded for the preview of the participants as well as their enemies. Several entries and data facts could be “unlocked” as well as tome of knowledge does not have any time line or hour glass so that newly acquired points, skills, strategies, and experiences could be included in the player’s stats.

At some point, you may find a sheer huge book that is flashed in the users screen showing all of this. Opponents also have access to TOK of a certain participant so that plan of action is well established; measure the possibility of winning and defeat, as well as to determine the weakness of a certain individual. This is merely consists of entries such as the War Background and the likes. It also shows the list of the completed battle and quests that the gamer encountered prior to advancement to the next level.

Warhammer online tome of knowledge guide

This game is set apart by the following subcategories which are consists of eight variable choices.


This option has the master list of the total quest a certain participant that has already been completed. It is being presented in columns in respect to the name, zone, type, as well as the completion of quests.


This involves a storyline that is indicated specifically for a certain mission. Listed with respect to public quests and also the so called influence rewards. Additional maps and locations of the involved area are also included.


Certain achievements and triumph attained by a player are also recorded.


This subcategory is mainly consists of the tactics, items, titles, and cards earned by a user which is earned upon completion of a mission.

History and Lore

Simplifies and break down the traditions of the game and each character race so that it meets its place or zone.

Noteworthy Persons

Essential and famous NPC’s are also listed who are at some point give rewards to users during or at the end of a task.


Has the list of the possible races and interactions that people could possibly go into.


The possessions of a person are also recorded which includes armor, weapons, and shield.

Tome of Knowledge in relation to the Tome Quest offer several rewards which includes the trophies, experience points, bragging rights, and also with tactics. They are the primary gains of each character from the Warhammer online tome of knowledge which could only be achieved if certain rules are met. These rewards are also included in the master list or record of the player.


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