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Within the army of the High Elves is the career option of the Archmage. They are said to be the finest practitioners and scholars of magic. Whatever has been handed down to humans or the “lesser races” are but minor forms that pale in comparison to the fine, pure magic that they perform. They live in the Tower of Hoeth in Saphery. They wear elegantly designed robes that are accented by high collars. Their headdresses are inscribed with runes that give them protection. Like most races that practice magic, they carry a wand or a staff which are embellished with jewels and runes. A number of gamers have constructed Warhammer Online archmage guides to help out newbies and other players in trying to both play as and fight against them.

There are their three career masteries :

1. the Path of Isha – is concerned with their healing powers—the capacity to restore to health not only himself but also his allies. If one is able to master this path, he will be good not only in healing but also in infusing this particular power with skills for offensive combat.

2. the Path of Asuryan – is focused on offensive attacks. They will track down his opponents and eliminate them. It’s as simple as that.

3. the Path of Vaul – there is a delicate balance between strengthening their offensive skills in combat as well has his powers in healing himself and his group mates.

There are quite a few tactics and skills that the interested player can utilize when on the battlefield. These are: the lambent aura, the law of conductivity, the gift of life, the radiant gaze, the boon of hysh, the searing touch, the drain magic, the transfer force, the prismatic shield, the dissipating hatred, the walk between worlds, the law of gold, the shield of saphery, the storm of cronos, the cleansing light, the wind blast, the rain lord, the blessing of Isha, the empowered lores, the hurried restoration, the Master of tranquility, Isha’s encouragement, the Master of Force, and the Transfer magic ability.

Also included in the list for their powers and abilities are: the run between worlds, the desperation, Isha’s ward, the blinding light, the arcane suppression, the wild healing, the funnel essence, the balanced mending, the bolstering boon, the balance essence, the winds protection, the cleansing flare, the forked lancing, the Fury of Asuryan, the dispel magic, and the expanded control. These are but a few of the tactics and skills that they can use in combat as well as in restoring to life and to health his fallen allies. The player can choose from these and many more which power or ability is most appropriate for his battles. It is also useful to know of the top Warhammer Online archmage guide to help you with your game.


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