Tips to Use A Window Scarf


There are a lot of decorations which can accentuate any type of window. Whether you are looking for privacy or letting the sunlight in, there will be the option for you. One of the excellent ways to add style to your window is by using a scarf. It will be able to work well even for the drabbest window. This scarf can make your room get more sunlight and have an airy feel and make it look larger. In addition, it can create an elegant style to your room.

There are some ways you need to do to use a window scarf. The first thing you have to do is to determine the scarf type which will be ideal for your window. You have to consider whether you want it for privacy or you want it to add flair. Privacy, glare control, and lighting will help you determine the right window treatment. If you have the existing window covering, you can choose whether you simply want to add scarf or replace it with the new one.

The second thing you have to do is to measure the window. It helps you determine the proper length of the scarf you will need. Also, you have to measure the height of the window. Decide whether you want to drape the scarf on floor or not.

The next thing you have to do is to determine the fabric you will need. If you want to let the sunlight in, you can choose sheer fabric. Choose the material you will use based on how you want your room to be.

The third thing to do is to choose for the plain blinds with brand-new look and top them off with your window scarf. You can use a bold color for the window scarf in sort or medium length to create a dramatic effect for the clean line of the blinds.

If you want to create the elegant look, you can drape a sheer window scarf on sheer curtains. Use the same color for the scarf to add a simple with lovely look. If you prefer an eye-catching contrast, you can use darker or lighter shade from the same color as your curtains.

The last thing you have to do is to let your window bare and put a scarf on top of it. Use a flowing fabric along with the scarf and let it drape in the center. Make the sides hang on medium to long length. It can add a great look with natural lighting and scenic view.


Source by Roger Elliott

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