Therapedic AirTouch Mattress – A Review


One of the biggest investments most people make is the bed they sleep in. Everyone has their own sleeping style and requires a different feel to the mattress to get a good night’s sleep. Whether you need a firm surface due to an injury or you like a mattress so soft you sink down into it, there is a Therapedic mattress suited to your individual needs. The Therapedic AirTouch mattress is a wise pick for anyone who wants the freedom to adjust the firmness of their bed as they desire, or for couples who have to share the sleeping surface.

A Therapedic air mattress uses foam which forms around the body, making it feel as if you are really just sinking down into the bed for total comfort. This does not make it difficult to get up or move around, but gives the feeling of sleeping on air. Since this foam surrounds the body, it also eliminates the disturbance of someone else moving around on the other side of the bed.

With the use of air cell technology, each side of the bed can also be adjusted to the exact firmness desired. These settings can be changed as often as you desire, which is a feature most beds do not offer. While many people may set it once and leave it, there are times in life that most people will want to adjust their side of the bed for one reason or another. The air cells in a good Therapedic mattress will adjust to any circumstance, so there is never a need to rush out and buy a new mattress or toss and turn all night.

The best mattress is one that fits the individual sleeping needs of anyone who lays their head down, not only today but in the future. The air touch mattress certainly offers that, both through the adjustable features and the foam cushioning that cradles the body for total comfort. These features may not be necessary for everyone, but for many couples who are tired of being woken up by one another’s movements or someone with back or joint problems that need a particular firmness, this mattress really works wonders.

The Therapedic AirTouch mattress may seem a little pricey at first glance, but when they realize that this bed will last much longer than cheaper mattresses, most people realize it is actually a good value. Considering all of the technology that goes into each mattress and the amazing sleep that comes as a result, it is the ideal mattress for many people.


Source by Robin Murphy

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