The Right to Privacy in the United States


The right to privacy has become a serious as well as a controversial issue post 9/11 incident as the authorities find it quite hard to strike a balance between public safety and the rights of the individuals.

Individuals who defend their privacy rights feel that easy access to personal and sometimes sensitive information not only invades their personal space, but it is also unconstitutional. In addition, they feel that the 9/11 incident has actually hyped up terrorism in a huge way and also brought about a false meaning of security among people.

The US government has taken serious steps to increase the protection of the citizens and in this aggressive effort, certain approaches like phone tapping, reading personal emails, accessing library records that were otherwise considered illegal is slowly being forced in thereby reducing the secrecy of the individual’s personal details.

However, such measures cannot be complained in reality taking into account the recent plot of Britain airline bombings that were unveiled before the crime was actually committed. The culprits were discovered by close monitoring of the private activities of the suspects in question. In contrast, because of such necessities of extreme protection, innocent people are also becoming a victim to privacy invasion, especially, when they do not pose a threat to the security of the country.

The privacy issue is not only of concern at the national or federal level. It is prevalent in workplace too as the employees struggle to maintain their private space. In this case, the employers closely monitor their workers so that the employees do not perform any actions that may bring about legal complications for the company.


Source by Kum Martin

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