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An article in The Saturday Star makes a claim about a G-spot injection that guarantees an orgasm every time you have sex. I think not, not for every woman anyway. The G-spot is one of those things that abound with myth and misinformation, women having as little understanding as men.

The latest research tells us that the G-spot is a gland that has over 140 ducts. It secrets fluid concerned with 3 things, the first is fertility, the second is hormone balance and the third is fluid that women can ejaculate.

The G-spot, so called after Dr. Grafenberg identified it, which brings the questions to mind – why didn’t this happen before, where was it hiding? Why has traditional medicine and sexology paid so little attention to this source of pleasure? Big questions that we don’t really have space for here.

We now refer to this amazing little structure as the Goddess Spot, and it isn’t so little, as we shall see.

The gland is more or less triangular in shape, starts just behind the pubic bone and goes deep inside to just in front of the cervix. So the ‘spot’ is actually long and narrows to a point as it goes deeper.

That point inside can trigger the most intense orgasms that can last for up to 10 minutes, maybe more, and that is incredible to experience and see happen.

Women can actually experience 4 different kinds of vaginal orgasms. The 1st is the clitoral orgasm, a contractive experience that’s more about physical release. The 2nd is a G-spot orgasm, through stimulation of the front of the G area, then there’s the deep cervical orgasm, and then a mixture of the 2, which is called a blended orgasm, incredibly emotionally and physically intense.

The best description of what happens during this, from the point of doing it to somebody, and only those who’ve experienced it can describe the sensation, is this: the vaginal walls ‘melt’ as she’s getting close to it, and open with a softness that’s just incredible to feel. Then it becomes a wave of pleasure that builds deep inside the body, spreads everywhere and takes her on a ride to a place that words just cannot do justice to.

The G-spot is elusive to find, but a little knowledge goes a long way. It’s on the upper wall of the vagina, if you’re lying on your back it’s at 12 o’clock. Start looking at about 2 cm’s inside, maybe a little deeper; it’s different for every woman. Find a spot and make a ‘come here’ movement with 1 or 2 fingers, gently.

As soon as you feel like you need to urinate, you know you’re in the right place. This sensation is from the tube that goes from your bladder to the outside running just across the top of that. The sensation of needing to pee can get very intense; often you’re convinced it’s going to happen. Relax your body, breathe deeply and that’s the point the sensation changes and becomes pleasurable.

Then the skin under your fingers changes texture, it becomes corrugated, almost like corduroy, and bulges down. In some women when the G- spot is fully engorged, it will bulge more than halfway down the vaginal opening.

Then you feel 2 channels that develop on either side of the bulge, these go all the way to the tail, moving the sensation deep inside.

Many women say they feel no sensation there, sometimes even tenderness or pain when that’s touched. This is due to emotional stuff that sits there. We tend to store the deepest things that happen to us in our genitals, men and women, and more so in the G-spot than anywhere else. Bad sexual experiences, limiting beliefs, negative attitudes, guilt, shame and embarrassment all sit there, preventing the experience of so much pleasure.

These can be healed and released through Tantric massage and healing techniques, opening the door to so much of your feminine power.

Healing these issues, many of which you may not be consciously aware of, also increases sensation inside the vagina, so all penetrative sex becomes much more pleasurable. These emotional issues are also the biggest block in preventing women from ejaculating.

Female ejaculation is nothing new. It’s been written of and taught in ancient Tantric teachings thousands of years old. The fluid that’s ejaculated is called Amrita, which means Nectar of the Goddess. It’s considered a great honour to have this liquid sprayed on you.

Many women experience this when they’re quite young and don’t know what it is. They get embarrassed because they thing they’ve wet the bed, which they have, but not with urine. Their partner’s don’t know what it is and often tell them they’ve peed. Then it gets turned inward and becomes a retrograde ejaculation, which has been linked to chronic bladder infections. What a way to help something so uncomfortable – healing through pleasure. Which is one of the original purposes of Taoist and Tantric sexuality.

The fluid that’s ejaculated comes from the urethra, but is totally different to urine in smell, texture and taste. And there’s a lot of it, sometimes almost a wine glass full!

You can learn to do this on your own as well as with a partner. In fact it’s often preferable to try it by yourself first. With a partner there’s often pressure to ‘get it right and make it happen’. Remember that the goal is pleasure!

Many women report falling pregnant after learning and practicing G-spot massage and release, even those who have been struggling for a long time.

There’s also a way to have an Expanded Orgasm through G-spot stimulation, which really takes sexual pleasure to a deeper level.

So much to learn, so much to experience, so much to feel and Oh, So much pleasure to be enjoyed and celebrated.


Source by Jonti Searll

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