The Definitive Snuggle Mattress Guide


The Snuggle Beds Company is a niche bedding brand supplying the UK market. Their mattresses cater for the price-sensitive end of the market, so while they don’t compete with brands such as Sealy and Hypnos, they are very good at what they do, namely producing decent quality beds at very low prices.

As with all brands, although they focus on low prices, some of their mattresses are more suitable than others when it comes to certain uses. The guide below will take you through the Snuggle mattress range to ensure that you know which mattress is suitable for you.

When it comes to the budget models all Snuggle mattresses are cheap. However, some are cheaper than others and you can’t get cheaper than the Snuggle Eco model. This is a bed which is so cheap that it could almost be bought for a one-usage. Because it is a soft surface it is recommended that it is only used for one-off occasions, such as for a guest bed.

Slightly higher priced but still very cheap is the Snuggle Damask Quilt mattress. This is the best-selling Snuggle product. People love it because it is so cheap but it is still of a good quality. Unlike the Eco mattress this model would be absolutely fine as your main mattress.

Aside from the two mattresses above we’d recommend taking a look at Snuggle’s memory foam range. The two mattresses to look at here are the Memory Deluxe and the Memory Coolmax mattresses. They both contain memory foam so are extremely comfortable, as the foam moulds itself around your body. Price-wise they are also two of the most affordable memory foam mattresses on the market.

There you have it. For a guest bed try the Eco mattress, for a very cheap daily bed consider the Damask Quilt mattress, and for a memory foam mattress either go for the Deluxe or the Coolmax models.


Source by Charles Cridland

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