The Chilipad – A Simple Way to Keep Your Mattress Warm Or Cool


A Chilipad mattress topper is a new kind of bed cover and bed warmer that is able to regulate the bed temperature for a more restful and comfortable sleep. It is a common experience that when it is too hot or too cold, we toss and turn and don’t sleep nearly as well. The pad can be set to create and maintain our favorite temperature all night long and give us the choice of sleeping warm or cool.

The Chilipad is a flexible, one half inch thick mattress topper which can heat up to as high as 118 degrees F and cool down to as low as 46 degrees. So one can warm up if the night is cold, or have the bed stay warm to relieve aches and pains. On a hot night one can use it to stay cool, or use the coolness to prevent night sweats.

The pad works by having a control unit heat or cool the water using semiconductor technology and then pumping the water via the tubing throughout the pad so that the effect permeates the entire sleeping surface. Only cool or warm water flows through the flexible medical grade silicon tubing in the pad beneath the sleeper. He does not feel the tubing, yet it can withstand more than 500 lbs. and will not puncture with normal use. It operates very quietly, at a noise level of under 20 decibels.

Sleep research has shown that when the body is at the sleeper’s ideal temperature, he will naturally get to sleep more easily and have more undisturbed rest. A cooler nights sleep will create increase in the amount of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage sleep. REM sleep is a very important, very restful and rejuvenating stage of sleep. If there is enough of this stage we wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized. This naturally will lead to benefits such as more productivity during the day and promotion of better health. For women, doctors have recommended this product for symptoms of menopause, helping to prevent symptoms such as night sweats and giving good sleep without use of drugs.

A nice feature is that when there are two in the bed, both sleeping partners can choose their own ideal temperature, because the Chilipad offers an option of two temperature zones. Both can be comfortable and both can have their own remote control to make adjustments.

The temperature controls are adjustable in one degree increments, between 46 and 118 degrees F. Left untouched on a setting, the temperature will remain constant the whole night. Or if one prefers to have it turn off automatically at some point during the night, there is a timer included for this.

The Chilipad can even help to save money on energy costs. In winter, one can lower the heat and still be able to sleep warm. Air conditioning can be turned down in summer without sacrificing comfort. As much as 15% in energy costs can be saved. Some people like to leave a window open for fresh air; with the pad one can do this and still sleep either cool or warm. Another situation where the Chilipad is very useful is when sleeping in a boat, RV, camper,or semi, or other situations where having enough heat or coolness can be a problem.

A number of people today have concern over the issue of EMF influence, and so prefer to avoid using anything in which the wires are right next to the body, such as electric blankets or many heating pads. When electricity flows through wires it generates an electromagnetic field (EMF). There is evidence that suggests that high EMF levels for long periods can affect health. This issue is avoided with the Chilipad, which does not create EMF near the body, since there are no wires in the mattress pad. The tubes that are near the body contain only water. The control unit is placed under the bed, which is sufficiently far away. The Chilipad performs well in electrical safety and is ETL listed. (ETL is a safety standard equivalent to the more well known UL.)

The Chilipad can be used with whatever type of mattress is preferred. It can be used on top of a Temper-pedic or other brand of memory foam mattress, or on top of a latex mattress. The mattress will maintain its good support, but with the cooling ability of the Chilipad, heat buildup will be less.


Source by W. Tucker

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