The Advantages of CADD


There are so many advantages to using computer animated drafting and design compared to the old way of drafting on paper with a pencil. This new software has enabled drawings to be done in less than half the time compared to the old process. There are many tools that enable 3D procedures to be executed quickly precise and with out mistakes. Rendering that would take days or even weeks depending on the complication have been reduced down to mere seconds. All the new things available on computer software allows the job of drafting to be done lightning fast and completely precise.

When drafting was done on paper you had to use a pencil to draw the lines and if you made a mistake you would have to use an eraser which would still leave smudge marks. On CAD systems the pencil has been replaced with pixels for the line which can be edited over and over again with no smudge marks. When you wanted to draw circles or arcs before you would use a ruler along with a compass to design the lines in order to get the correct radius. Now using CAD all you have to do is enter the diameter you want and the program will precisely create it with your specific dimensions. You can see just by these two examples how much time, and how much effort is saved using this new computer software.

New 3D features incorporated within these software programs allow for extremely quick and accurate modeling. These programs have tools for different procedures such as extruding, hollowing, subtracting, creating fillets, revolving features, and much more. These neat 3d tools allow lines to be transformed into gears, machine parts, structural members, and just about any thing your mind can imagine. With these features included in these CAD programs the time it takes to create 3D objects is extremely fast and accurate without the headache of keeping everything scaled.

When drafting was done on the drafting board draftsmen would have to color in ever square inch of the models for presentations. This task could take several days or even weeks depending on the complexity of the project. Now using CAD renderings are made extremely easy with a wide variety of materials you can choose from. Not only can you choose materials you can also add shadow and light sources to give your design the desired look. This process can usually be executed within a couple of minutes at max compared to many days. This feature is one of the biggest advantages of using CAD.

Drafting hasn't changed much over the years we still use the same numbers letters and symbols to describe certain features, but the way we develop these drawings will never be the same. All the new tools available on CAD have dramatically changed the precision, and time it takes to draw a design whether it's 2d or 3d. Drafting will always be done on computer now since the creation of these programs and will probably continue to change with new tools that allow procedures to be done more easily.


Source by Christopher Bowling

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