SWTOR Flashpoints Guide – Fastest Way To Learn All Boss Tactics


To avoid making a fool out of yourself in a SWTOR flashpoint while fighting a boss or certain difficult trash mobs, you have to know exactly how they will attack you or your group. That takes a lot of practice in that particular flashpoint, or… you can quickly learn everything you have to do from a SWTOR flashpoints guide.

That’s what I did, and in short time I was the one that told the other group members what they must do, so we could finish off every boss, without too much of a hassle.

The reason I’m writing this article is to tell everyone about the usefulness of the SWTOR flashpoints guide I’ve been working with, and also share a few tips about the tactics in one of the end game SWTOR flashpoints – Directive 7.

Ok, so let’s see…

How Can a SWTOR Flashpoints Guide Help You?

1. SWTOR flashpoints are the same as the instanced dungeons that you can find in other MMO games. In every flashpoint, you will have to group up with other players and work as a team to achieve certain objectives and defeat at least a few bosses in the process.

Now, if you don’t know what you must do on a certain boss encounter, the whole party my die because of your mistake. That really sucks and it may end up with your removal from the party. A SWTOR flashpoints guide will tell you everything you need to know about the tactics for each flashpoints boss, with a player approach, and you will understand perfectly how to do your part, and even more, how everyone else should play that part, so that everything goes silky smooth, with zero wipes.

2. To squeeze the best from your character in a flashpoint, you need a specific talent build. Usually that differs by a lot from a PvP or leveling build. A SWTOR flashpoints guide will tell you how to spec your character to fulfill your role at maximum in any flashpoint.

3. Last but not least, to obtain an optimal and constant DPS, to assure the necessary threat (tanks) and to keep everyone alive (healers), you will need to follow a certain rotation, depending on your build. Needless to say, a SWTOR flashpoints guide also has that covered.

Now, as I said, the flashpoints guide I’ve been working with has taught me everything about each and every encounter in Star Wars: The Old Republic. So, here are a few tips for Directive 7.

Directive 7 Tactics and Tips

Directive 7 is a flashpoint where you have to defeat a certain faction of droids that have developed technology which may lead to the destruction of both Republic and Empire. In other words, this flashpoint is for both SWTOR factions.

1. The first major encounter in this SWTOR instance, consists in a battle against three assassin droids. If you don’t know what to do here, you may end up killing yourself. Two of the droids will put up energy shields. The yellow shield means damage reflection – DON’T HIT THAT ONE! The blue shield means damage absorption – you basically can’t hurt that droid. They three droids will swap shields between themselves, so it’s important to attack only the one without a shield.

2. The Interrogator boss in this flashpoint has also a few tricks up its sleeve. The most important aspect of the fight is that it will clone up one of the group members. The clone must be killed immediately, because if you end up with several clones on the loose, it will probably be a wipe. It’s best for the tank to pull the clone near the main boss, so that the AoE effects hit both the boss and the clone.

3. The final boss fight in Directive 7 is rather tedious. There are three phases, the first two phases will repeat one time. In general, all you have to do is hide from one turret when they’re up, avoid the ground-target AoEs, avoid being under the airborne droids.

Anyway, if you want to learn each and every tactic in the SWTOR operations and flashpoints, in the shortest time possible, and also how to play your class at maximum in every flashpoint, the best solution is to follow a SWTOR flashpoints guide.


Source by Karl Weber

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