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All efforts towards physical and mental fitness will come to nothing if you do not get enough sleep.

Sleep is essential to your survival. Sleep deprivation can result to numerous sicknesses in your mind and in your body. It can lead to memory damage, decrease in physical performance and reduced ability to solve mathematical calculations. If sleep deprivation is continuous, it can lead to more harmful consequences.

Yet in this time and age where everything works at a fast pace and stress is inevitable, sleeping disorders are turning out to be a popular health problem. By improving your sleeping habits, you can increase the chances of falling asleep when you need to and stay asleep for six to eight hours each night to avail of a good night’s sleep health benefits.

The key to better sleep is getting a better sleeping environment. Ideally, your room should be quiet, dark, well ventilated and at a comfortable temperature. Your bed must also be large enough and your mattresses should be comfortable.

Taking light snacks before bed can also promote sleep. These snacks must contain the amino acid called tryptophan which helps calm the brain and allows you to sleep better. These foods can be warm milk, low fat yogurt, a banana or a cup of hot chamomile tea.

With your busy schedule, it is hard to leave the stress and worries of daily life behind during bedtime. Thinking of such things triggers the “fight or flight” mechanism in your body that makes you more alert. This does not only give you difficulty in sleeping but it also can cause you to wake up frequently as well. To avoid these, you can have a stress relieving bedtime ritual such as having a warm milk bath to help you relax and ready for rest.

Remember, when you miss sleep, you pay a price in your ability to learn, your health, and your quality of life.


Source by Kay Marie

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