Snowboarding and the Rise to Olympic Competition


Snowboard competition in the recent years has been gaining popularity among all winter sports. By reflecting back on the past history of snowboarding, we can view the process of how the sport gained popularity and even an inclusion of an Olympic game.

Roughly around the mid nineteen sixties, Sherman Poppen is believed to have started the snowboarding revolution. By nailing skis together for his kids, Poppen saw the marketing potential of the boards, decided to sell them. Production was underway and the revolution was put in order.

The very first snowboarding event/competition took place in 1982. This event was the precursor for the International Snowboarding Federation. Eventually as the years passed by, more and more competitions were held and more and more snow boarders appeared on the slopes. Many began to take notice of the rise of popularity and began to try out snow boarding for themselves.

In 1998, snowboarding climaxed in the Winter Olympics of Nagano Japan. Just four years later, snowboarding was one of the most popular and recognized winter olympic event. Snowboard competition, because of these advancements, continue to grow both in the United States and internationally. Nearly ever winter that goes by has a number of snowboarding events both home and abroad. Some of the competitions help many athletes prepare for the next set of olympic games. By constantly competeting, snow boarders are able to stay in shape and on top of their game.

The increased popularity of being an olympic sport as well as the sizeable fan base, has helped smowboarding propel itself to one of the most recognizable winter olympic games. The trend is set to continue. If you haven’t already, grab a snow board and hit the slopes. Who knows, you may be ready to compete in the next snowboarding competition.


Source by Chris Milller

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