Sleeplessness and Its Effects


As I stated, this article states the importance of sleep and its effect of having sudden reduction of it.

Lots of questions arise within you how to have a quality sleep like some of these people in quora.

What is quality sleep?

How to have a quality sleep? you will find the answer at the end of this blog

First I want to clear that every one will not have same duration of sleep. Please don’t generalize that everyone should have 6 hours. Its time varies from one person to another person. one person may have quality sleep for 4 hours is enough but another person may have 10 hours without quality sleep which does not heals his emotional bruises and reinstall his operating system, mind.

What is quality sleep?

Quality sleep is the way of efficient and sound way of sleep without any disturbance. Quality sleep of 30 secs is better than 1 hour.

Quality VS duration:

When comparing Quality and duration of sleep, the best way is to have a quality and efficient way for very short duration which refreshes the person.

Disturbed sleep cycle:

Generally we have work at day and sleep at night.if there is sudden reduction,it will be a disturb in sleep cycle. Because of imbalance in sleep cycle people will have sleepiness during day.


Lack of sleep will make you physically weak and gives a feel of fatigue in the body. Makes you weak mentally too. May cause head ache and a disturbance to appetite

Emotional imbalance:

People who have a lack of sleep will not have the emotional balance and they get irritated very easily, and more tensed than normal.

Accident prone:

Without quality sleep at night, the eyelids orders to close your eyes but we can’t because of our daily routine.People tend to sleep in traffic signals which causes mayhem to other persons and their fellow 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler riders.

Reduced Performance and Creativity:

Sleeplessness causes reduced performance and creativity. There will be a continuous degradation in concentration, which makes him getting irritated for small problems

Source of serious health problems:

Low level of sleep will be an source of serious health hazards like severe heart problems, high blood pressure, paralysis, diabetes and reduced blood glucose levels.

People who undergo such a treacherous life will soon be a patient of insomnia. I advice you to have a consultation with proper medical consultant. until they become used to this habit of having reduced sleep.

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How to have a quality?

Avoid Idiot box, mobile Phones and other electronic Meditation and very light food


Source by Rupesh M U Kumar

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