Rotating Your Futon Mattress


A futon and futon mattress is something that many people have in their houses. Some use the futons as both a bed and a couch. Some futons are the premier furniture in people’s homes, especially those with smaller homes or apartments that are using their futons all the time. One key thing that people forget is that they have to rotate their futon mattress. Rotating the futon mattress will keep it fresh and allow you to keep it longer.

Rotating the futon mattress gives the material inside a chance to settle down. As you sit or sleep on certain areas, just like with a pillow, the material will start to become thinner. It will get pushed towards other parts of the futon so that the futon is not as even and will become slightly lumpy. Rotating it frequently will allow it to continue to even out as pressure is put in other areas of the futon.

Depending on the type of futon mattress you have, you will have to rotate the mattress more often. Futons made of cotton require the most rotation. It is recommended that you rotate your cotton futon mattress once a month or a little bit more if you use it quite frequently. Those made of innersprings do not need to be rotated as much. Similar to a bed, they can be rotated every 6 months. Finally, futons that are in between made of polyester and foam blends should be rotated every 3 months or so.

When rotating the mattress, rotate the mattress in a consistent direction. Determine where you use it the most. If you tend to sit on it more, then rotate the mattress 180 degrees. If you tend to sleep on it, try to flip it over when rotating and then rotate it 180 degrees every other time you rotate. Keep track of your system or use the same system during rotation.

It is important use a regular schedule and system when rotating your favorite cotton filled futon mattress. For some, they should alternate between rotating it 180 degrees and flipping it over. For others, they can rotate it twice before flipping over. Either way, keep it consistent so you can make sure you even out the mattress.

If you tend to sleep on the futon, try to sleep on the right or left side of the mattress. This will make it easier for it to be evened out when you rotate it. Each time you rotate the mattress, you will be sleeping on a fresh side. Gradually it will even out again until you need to flip it.

A good futon mattress will keep firm for a long time. Some have been known to last for more than 10 years or more. Maintaining a rotation period will help your futon mattresses continue to be smooth and comfortable for your continued enjoyment.


Source by Jenny Wells

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