Review of Myer’s Mattresses


When you invest in a Myer’s mattress you are treating yourself to a well-deserved good night’s sleep. The great thing about a Myer’s mattress is that they are durable and long-lasting so you can continue to have comfortable and restful sleep for many years. Myer’s know a thing or two about beds as they have been designing and manufacturing mattresses and beds since 1876 – that’s over 130 years of bed expertise.

Myer’s Mattress features

Myer mattresses offer both comfort and support thanks to the combination of springs, Memory Foam and Talalay latex. The springs in a Myer mattress are designed to suit a variety of requirements, depending on personal preference and how much support you require. The open coil springs in a Myer’s mattress offer either a soft or firm surface depending on the shape of the spring – the wider the spring is at the top then the softer the mattress will be. For people who require extra support from a Myer’s bed then a mattress with Backcare Springs is an ideal choice as the open coil springs are extra firm thanks to the 2.50 gauge wire which provides support without compromising on comfort. Myer’s beds are also available with twin coil springs which are arranged in a two layer formation giving extra strength to the mattress.

If you’re fed up of your partner rolling onto your side of the bed then choose a Myer’s double bed with a Memory Foam mattress. Myer’s Memory Foam beds respond to an individual’s body weight and temperature and molds to the shape of the person laid in on the mattress. Having a Myer’s double bed with a Memory Foam mattress means that both you and your partner will have your very own area of pure comfort in your bed so you won’t be tossing and turning at night. As soon as you raise from your bed the Memory Foam mattress slowly transform into its original form. Myer’s Memory Foam beds are created in conjunction with single or twin open coil springs so you can choose the ultimate in mattress comfort tailored to your individual needs.

Consumer reviews of Myer’s mattresses

Myer’s mattresses receive glowing consumer reviews on Myer’s beds stockist’s websites. In one review a Myer mattress was hailed as a cure for insomnia. As a result of investing in a Myer’s divan bed with Memory Foam mattress the consumer went on to perform better in her job and received a promotion as she was sleeping more and feeling increasingly energized at work. Another consumer agreed that their new Myer mattress suited both her and her husband thanks to the molding ability of the Memory Foam. She also commented that her new Myer’s mattress helped ease her back pain and gave her a restful night’s sleep. The Myer’s divan bed was also praised for how easy it is to assemble.

With their coil springs and memory foam technology, it’s no wonder that Myer’s beds are so popular and make a sound investment for consumers.


Source by Peter Zelst

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