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Restonic mattresses have been around since 1938. Formerly known as Triple Cushion Corporation, was renamed to Restonic in 1946. With a long-running culture of researching, formulating and engineering supreme quality sleep products, Restonic has been a key player of the bedding industry for Nearly three quarters of a century, a significant milestone very few mattress manufacturers attain.

Presently, the company is among the top ten mattress manufacturers in the United States and have won the Consumer's Digest 'Best Buy' award six times already – more than any other mattress manufacturer.

The company culture is strongly centered in developing the highest quality "innerspring mattresses" and the Restonic Comfort Care mattress of which they are particularly known for. As if they were not contented yet with what they have achieved, they've even moved with the times utilizing new technological advancements and manufacturing solutions in the creation of its mattresses providing the market a wide variety of conventional innerspring to more comtemporary kinds like air, latext, and memory foam. Not a lot of mattress manufacturers can supply consumers such a vast variety of mattresses.

Restonic is best known for their award-winning Comfort Care conventional innerspring mattress collection. It showcases their Marvelous Middle system whereby more coils are placed at the center of the mattress for enhanced back support. It also uses the SpiraLok ™ Technology to help minimize movement transference as well as the SuperEdge Plus ™ Technology to prevent sagging on the mattress edges. This type of Restonic mattress comes in different level of suppleness from Firm, to Plush to Euro Top.

Restonic also provides latex mattresses that are highly hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial rendering it to be the best option for allergic persons. It also provides durability and high conformity to body contours reducing pressure points. Since spring is not present on latex mattresses, movement transference is specifically minimized.

Also noteworthy is the Restonic Sleep Odyssey Magnet mattress. It has a two-inch wide magnetic horizontal strip. Magnets are known to help our body's normal metabolism promote health restoration and vigor. Yet, consumers who are using pacemakers, insulin pumps, and defibrillators must stay away from any magnetic products.

Restonic also has their own line of air mattress that usually come in two halves permitting each partner to control their own degree of comfort.

Restonic mattresses are genuinely leading the industry in terms of catching up with advancements and deploying that advanced resources to provide the latest quality, yet affordable mattresses.


Source by Patrick Langley

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