PvP Shaman Build – Build Your Shaman the Right Way


The World of Warcraft shaman is a very versatile character; the key is using this versatility to your advantage. If you’re looking for some info on shamans, including an effective PVP shaman build, then read on. I’m going to briefly discuss the right way to use your shaman depending on your interests and goals.

If you’re interested in shaman builds, then you should browse around on the web. I stopped using WoWWikki for builds some time ago, because this is where everyone goes for builds. Sure I may poke around a bit, but I wanted my mine to be different from the rest of the shaman builds, so I learned through trial and error and guides. But to help you out, I’ll show you a website that I found that’s great for builds.

As previously stated, the shaman is one of a kind. Often their main roles are buffing and curing, as well as healing or DPS depending on spec. The restoration tree provides many important abilities for those who would like to heal and support the others. While the enhancement shamans deal physical damage at close range.

The shaman is also used in melee DPS for the offensive impact of their totems. Elemental shamans are caster DPS who mainly do their damage from long range. If you’re building your shaman for PvP, then I suggest not going with enhancement unless your shaman can take lots of hits. It’s not the best choice because it needs you to get in close range, but lacks the ways to get or stay there. Restoration is a much better tree to go with for its defensive capabilities, especially in team matches. Elemental is good as it deals acceptable amounts of damage, but keep in mind that it’s vulnerable to interrupt/silence effects as all healing (and most damage) spells are of the nature school.

So what should you do for your shaman? For a PvP shaman build to be successful it must work hand in hand with it’s gamer. Basically it depends on your play style, if you like to stay behind and gun chain lightnings around, then go along the lines of 30/0/21. If you like to throw yourself in the battle then go 0/30/21.

This PvP shaman build I like to use is good in or out of arenas. FYI, my shaman is at level 70 and I spent 61 talent points with this build. On the elemental tree I used convection 2, concussion 5, elemental warding 3, reverberation 1, elemental focus 5/1, elemental fury 5, call of thunder 2/1, unrelenting storm 1, elemental precision 2, elemental mastery 5/1, elemental shields 1/3, elemental oath 3/2, and lightning overload 5. For enhancement I grabbed dual wield specialization 5/3, mental quickness 1, lava lash 4, static shock 5/3, shamanistic rage 1, and feral spirit 4. Then I spent the only restoration point on totemic focus. This build deals major damage via elemental, the strongest tree for PvP, and has enough support to deliver decent melee damage when/if you are rushed.


Source by Jermy Ledge

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