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The steam cleaners shark has become the preferred cleaning tool for many people with allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities. Here’s why… Since the only ingredient you need to clean is regular water, cleaning your home has never before been so easy or so environmentally friendly. You can eliminate chemicals and their residues from your home making it healthier for yourself, your children and your pets. No hazardous toxic cleaners. You will also help the environment by reducing the amount of chemicals washed down the drain into wastewater, streams, rivers, and oceans. Only rarely do you need an extra cleaner when you do I recommend a little white vinegar or a mixture of 4% hydrogen peroxide with 1 quart of water. You do need to put forth some effort, yet the results when using a steamer surpasses regular methods of solvents and sponge. Steam cleans, deodorizes and sanitizes with heat and moisture dirt, germs, and debris are removed quickly leaving no residue. It is healthier especially for people with medical problems or allergies. Within no time at all, your entire home will sparkle.

You can spend less money on cleaning supplies. You never have to decide on only lemon or pine scent with your steam cleaners shark. You just add a few drops of an essential oil (from a health food store) and the aroma is anything you want. No chemicals, no pollutants, and no residue. Just because you have a pet, your home doesn’t have to smell like one. A steamer will eliminate cat and dog smells, sanitize birdcages and aquariums, and clean up the litter box area so you won’t have to hold your breath as you walk by. Infested with fleas? The high-temperature steam kills fleas, their eggs, and their larva. Using a steamer rids your home without toxic chemical.

Bacteria and viruses are not detectable yet they are very dangerous. They can result in infections or irritations. When your steamer is used, hot steam penetrates the cracks and pores of a surface. As steam comes in contact with the cool surface of the pores all dirt, debris, and bacteria are forced to the surface. The steam is so hot it kills 99.9% of germs like e Coli and Salmonella.

Dust mites are in every home, or more specifically, in your mattress, upholstery, rugs, carpets, quilts, pillows, and stuffed animals. They feed on flakes of dead skin shed from humans and animals. An average bed is infested with millions of dust mites. You’re in bed an average of eight hours per day, so you’re side by side with an enormous amount of debris that can make you feel as though you haven’t been in bed for hours. Luckily, in the same way that steam kills fleas, steam will obliterate dust mite colonies in your mattresses and carpets. Regular steam cleaning followed by vacuuming with a HEPA-filtered vacuum to pick up the allergenic debris will make a significant difference in your home’s air quality and most importantly, your family’s health.

Using the steam cleaners shark is a great way to transform your baby’s nursery into a sparkling clean, sanitized, chemical-free baby sanctuary. Toys, especially stuffed animals, trap germs putting your baby at risk. Your steamer will kill 99.9% of germs that are associated with runny noses.


Source by Michael Louis

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