Overview of Aero Bed Air Mattresses


The Aero Air Bed mattress is made for occasional use, making it a great bed for use in the guest room, on your next camping trip, or travel trips that call for a portable sleeping surface. In addition to being portable, the beds are made to be durable, compact and strong.

So, if you’re planning to buy an Aero Air Bed, read on for a review of the company’s three most popular mattress lines.

AeroBed Original

There are six classic design styles under the AeroBed Original banner, but they’re all designed for comfortable, indoor use. The newest design in the Aerobed Original line are the Kids’ beds, which are ergonomically designed and sized just for children. They’re ideal for overnight stays at the grandparents’ or as an extra bed on trips.

If you’re considering the purchase of an Aero Air Bed mattress for visitors and guests, the most popular model is the Aerobed Premier ComfortZone Raised Bed. The raised legs give it the look of a real bed, while the company’s high quality standards make it comfortable for most people.

AeroBed Active

The Aerobed Active Line covers 6 different models designed for camping, pools or just a weekend in the backyard.

The models included in the Active Line follow.

* The Aerobed Convertible Sofabed, a couch-convertible Aerobed

* The Sport All-Terrain, a camping mattress with a hands-free pump

* The Sport Minute Bed, a more affordable camping mattress

* The Adventure Bed, another camping model

* The Sport Overnighter, an air mattress with a matching backpack, and

* The Family Quick Pool, an inflatable wading pool designed by Aerobed

The Xtreme Mattresses by AeroBed

Any Xtreme Aero Air Bed mattress is made for tough, outdoor use and designed to withstand rugged conditions, harsh weather and long-term use. This makes them very helpful for expeditions, long hunting trips, or other extreme wilderness adventures.

There are 5 product models that fall under the Aero Air Bed Xtreme product line. They include

* The Light Camp Mat

* The Ultra Light Camp Mat

* The Performa Light

* The Endura Bed, and

* The Big Man Self-Inflating Camp Mat

The most popular is the Big Man Self-Inflating Camp Mat, which provides an increased sleeping surface without sacrificing packing weight or too much space.

So, if you need a camping mat but are tired of rolling off a standard, napkin-sized sleeping mat, consider giving the Aero Air Bed Mattress Big Man camping mat a try. It’s big enough to be comfortable, but light enough to pack for miles.


Source by Trevor R. Price

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