Omalon Foam Vs Memory Foam – Which Is A Better Choice?


My idea of a good mattress is one that can provide a good amount of support to my back. It must be resilient enough to last for a longer period of time. I also wouldn’t mind a mattress that does not cost an arm and a leg.

When it comes to back support, two mattresses come to my mind: Omalon and Memory Foam. They both aim to support the back and provide relief from sleep-induced back aches and pains. They also promise to work longer for you. These mattresses tend to last longer than an ordinary innerspring bed.

But which one is really better for you? Let us try to get to know these mattresses better.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Pros: They have various comfort levels. You can choose from the low-density ones or the high-density ones. The low-density ones are purportedly better for people suffering lower back pains. They give the hips and the curvier areas of your body more comfort. People with slimmer figure should go for high-density beds as they are generally firmer. They provide more upper back support.

Cons: These mattresses work by absorbing heat from your body. Most of the time, the mattress fails to dissipate heat. As a result, the bed can become a bit warm during summer seasons. This can be uncomfortable especially to those living in tropical countries.

Omalon Foam Mattresses

Pros: This mattress offers a good combination of support and comfort. That being said, you won’t have trouble finding the right kind of Omalon bed for your need. What is unique about the Omalon structure is that it has elongated cells. It provides a more resilient nature to the bed. You can easily find comfort in it once your back hits the surface of the mattress. In other mattresses, you might need to wear out the bed first before it becomes comfortable. In addition to that, its elongated cells allow air to circulate inside the foam better. This gives the mattress a nice temperature to it.

Cons: It doesn’t really have a lot of disadvantages. Perhaps you might find most Omalon beds expensive. But in general, they are worth the price. Unfortunately, there are limited choices. Not many mattress companies offer these foams. Moreover, they are usually merged with other foam technologies such as latex or memory foam.

If you are looking for a good foam mattress, try mulling over these top choices. Make sure you are getting the best one for your comfort needs so you can sleep significantly better.


Source by Alan Cassidy

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