Mind Control and Privacy Violation


Mind control can only be conducted after knowledge of the internal operations of the mind are acquired. This could be accomplished through a subject willingly giving in-depth information about themselves and/or allowing in-depth examinations to be performed by psychologist. This type of exploring into the heart and mind is necessary to understand the parameters that control mechanisms that governs a specific subject’s behavior. You can’t begin to develop any type of device that drives a human until you fully understand how external stimuli incites them.

There are devices that were developed to control humans or some aspect of human nature. An individual device alone isn’t sufficient for the tasks necessary for mind control. There must be several devices used. Each device must focus on a particular type of parameter. These are but not limited to emotional, conscientiousness, and perception. Using these devices you can probe an individual to find how they respond to certain stimuli, record the results of the subjects output, and use it to build control specifications. The control spec will only hold as true as long as the subject is in the same state the spec was obtained under. As the individual state changes the stimuli produce different outputs.

It won’t be easy to gather results if the subject is aware of the probing. A willing subject might not work very well even though they desire to cooperate. This is obvious because you’re probing awareness. To get authentic output from a subject, they must be in a grounded state or in an average state of awareness, meaning that they’re unconscious of the examinations. Only then can the output be used to determine control specifications. There is no way to get consent from a subject unless they know what they’re consenting to. It may be possible to allow a vague understanding of what the probing but that would be risking the authenticity of the experiment.

During the time mind control was being developed the technology needed to comprehensively conduct such experiments, without the subject’s knowledge wasn’t available. Now through the advancements mainly in digital technology, there are many way to pry into the heart and mind of an individual without their consent. The same technology has also enabled development of more efficient and capable mind control devices. Mind control devices are not to be confused with traditional devices commonly used by people every day. Mind control devices consist of different component types, some are man-made hardware, other components are humans with certain capabilities fit for a specific subject and chemicals are also common components of these devices. A group of these components can be combined to operate on a specific parameter of a subject. These are conceptual devices not always connected through physical material but by purpose and cooperation. Many of these mind control devices can be created to send certain types of input data that incites the subject in ways that produce control specifications. They are meticulously developed and maintained because they are expensive and time consuming to build.

Each type of control parameter produces a different effect when stimulated. The stimulation can be deliberate (done by a human agency) or a result of natural relatively unintended events. In most cases the control is by some outside event. What we’re interested in here is intended control initiated by a human agency. The change in one control type affects the others, creating a complex state change. A fully conscience person will attract many outside stimuli. Given the possible states it may be nearly impossible to control a fully conscience human.

There are interferences that must be dealt with to gain reliable control of the mind. Natural phenomena will always present a problem with undesirable state changes during mind control. This interference must be filtered. Acquired control specifications obtained from probing at a grounded state can only serve as the basis for other mind control specifications derived from measuring the deviation from the grounded state output. Filtering can be accomplished by controlling perception in such a way that brings the subject back to a grounded state. Measuring changes makes developing mind control devices more complex. Dynamic changing of control parameters require many specialized members or multi-purpose members that can handle several of the state changes.

Mind control experiments aren’t isolated to individual subjects. Subjects used in these experiments can be small and large groups of living organisms, people, animals, plants, insects, other conscious entities that can be affected by the stimuli. In cases where human subjects are involved the diminishing of the natural respect for human life or freedom of choice is required. Those involved in financing mind control projects are usually privileged or have access to large amounts of resources and see it as an investment in a powerful resource. Their carnal lust for power negates the respect they naturally have in their hearts for others, and the alien force of greed takes over. The result is a massive violation of human rights that affects every man, women, child, and other conscious creations on earth.

At the core of the activities involved in the acquisition of mind control is the violation of privacy. Privacy violation is the core component needed for acquiring control specifications because, a subject can’t be aware of the experiments. Projects related to mind control are delayed, canceled, or fail as a result of leaked information concerning the violation of privacy. People that expose plans to violate human rights are seen as traders or dissident. Usually the right or power to violate privacy comes from a world or national crisis. People financing these projects ride on these crises to make progress in mind control activities. Sometimes even creating crises to strong-arm human rights from members of their society. The struggle to violate human rights comes from those that raise the consciousness of society through distribution of enlightening information. As people begin to see the mysterious agendas of mentally corrupted people in powerful positions, the possibility of mind control gradually diminishes.

Privacy violation tactics that use electronic devices are very effective. They prove that mind control is a possibility especially when working with masses of people. Information released to the public about electronic devices of all kinds being used as tools for privacy violation has altered the consciousness of many people. As a result there are many projects and activist groups working to enforce stronger privacy standards all over the world. Projects such as Tor, I2P, FreeNet, Mixminion, PGP, Linux, Bitcoin, Open Source technology, and others are helping people establish new means of freedom and privacy. The real purpose of these project are hidden in a mystery, just as the importance of privacy is hidden in a mystery. This is because freedom has a hidden dependency on privacy. Establishing again the privacy and freedoms that were cleverly taken won’t be easy. There are people working day and night to take control of every empowering freedom in society. On the other hand conscientious people every where are working hard to build systems of all types that greatly diminishes the possibility of gaining control of privacy or mind.

–James E Smith


Source by James Ellis Smith

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