Maximum Privacy, Maximum Light With Frosted Windows


Many homeowners are perplexed by the need for maximum privacy and the desire for natural light from their windows. The best solution may be frosted windows that still allow in the warmth and light from the sun while keeping prying eyes from seeing into your home. Frosted windows are most often found in bathrooms, where privacy is obviously essential, but can be useful throughout other areas of the home, such as on the window panels of an entry door. Manufactured frosted glass panels are usually produced by acid etching or sandblasting, which are techniques that most people can’t try at home. However, while you can buy full frosted glass windows or window inserts, there are crafty ways to frost your windows yourself.

Window Frosting Film

There are relatively inexpensive and easy to use window frosting film options on the market that make for a very inexpensive do-it-yourself project. These films are easily cut to the size that you need for your window, and go on easily and simply. Window frosting film is removable, which means that if you grow tired of the look or find that it makes it hard for you to see outdoors, you can remove the film yourself without a huge mess.

Window Frosting Spray

You might also consider using a readymade window frosting spray that is made specifically for glass finishes. This type of spray is applied just like you would apply spray paint. When using this product, be sure to use painter’s tape to protect the wood frame of your window or door so that only the glass is touched by the spray. You can remove window frosting spray using paint remover.

Environmentally Friendly DIY Option

The options above for frosting windows, while beautiful, usually involve the use of harsh chemicals and aerosol sprays that are not good for the environment. There is an environmentally friendly option for the do-it-yourself homeowner when it comes to frosting your own windows or door panels. The only supplies that you will need to inexpensively frost your own windows are Epsom salt, beer, and a paint brush. Prepare your windows by cleaning them completely to remove any grime and dirt. Clean window panes will allow the frosting mix to look more natural. Be sure to also remove dust or dirt from the inside frame area of the window so that this debris doesn’t get mixed in with the frosting mix.

Cover the window sill with an old towel in order to prevent the mixture from dripping to the surface where it might cause damage. Mix one tablespoon of the Epsom salt with one cup of beer and stir. Use your paint brush to apply the mixture to the windows. Allow the mixture to dry completely and then stand back and admire your handiwork. You can also use a sponge to sponge the frosting mix onto the window in patterns or swirls. This simple and very cheap frosting for your windows can be removed with water mixed with ammonia. You might also use this mixture in a clean spray bottle along with stencils to make neat designs on the entire window. Or if you want to leave a small, oval “peep hole” in the center of your window, tape that part of the window off with masking tape and spray or brush around it.


Source by Angela Glancy

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