(Mattress) Size Matters


(Mattress) size matters!

Deciding on the most suitable mattress size is not as simple as it might seem. In reality, there are a few factors that you need to consider before committing to a new mattress. Here are five questions to ask yourself whilst shopping for size:

1. What is the space available for the mattress?

Consider where the bed will be positioned – against a wall, in a corner or nook, or perhaps close to the window? Also, take such things into consideration as whether the bed will be placed near a cupboard or door, and if these will be able to open properly. It is always beneficial to know what the room’s measurements and layout are. Do you need to consider enough space for bedside tables, a lined chest at the foot end of the bed or even the positioning of the bed in line with your favourite feng shui principles?

2. Who (and how) will you share the bed?

It is essential to take into account how much space you need/ want whilst sleeping. If you share the bed with your partner – consider if he/ she is an ‘all-over-the-place-sleeper’ or whether he/she sleeps still or in the fetal position. Perhaps you need to make allowances for children and/or pets who enjoying snuggling up with you. Remember – you don’t want to end up feeling cramped, awkward or uncomfortable whilst trying to unwind (or sleep).

3. What are your sleeping habits?

If you are an uneasy or restless sleeper – consider a larger mattress to allow you the space you need to sleep comfortably.

4. Think about getting it in (-to your bedroom)

A very often missed, yet very important question is whether on not you will be able to get that new, perfect, luxurious bed through your front door. Take note of the width of your bedroom door, your hallway, any stairs and your front door to ensure you don’t end up frustrated rather than excited.

5. The length of limbs

If you or your partner is of average height or short, this point will be irrelevant, but many a tall person will tell you of their endless struggles to get comfortable while their feet are hanging over the edge of a bed. In this case, consider ordering an extra-length mattress or even a custom-made bed size.

6. What is your budget?

Price can often be a conundrum. Do some research or speak to the in-store staff about advising you which bed will suit you and your budget.

Many people are not sure about the exact dimensions of the various bed sizes available from bed retailers. Ask the sales consultants at the shop or simply Google ‘bed sizes‘ and you will find many useful resources.


Source by Bonnita Kingston

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