Love Your Pregnant Tummy


Being pregnant for the first time can be a scary time. Knowing that inside your body is a growing mini you is a pretty amazing, daunting and frightening feeling. Every newly pregnant woman will be feeling a mixture of emotions. Your situation could also have a bearing on how your feeling. You may have gone through IVF for months or years only to finally realise your dream. Perhaps you are embarking on a life as a single parent and that in itself is frightening. Whatever your situation is you may be feeling overwhelmed but remember you are in good company; women have been having babies since Adam and Eve.

As your pregnancy develops your baby bump will grow which means your skin is going to stretch. This is fine, skin is very elasticity but there are things you can do to keep your skin as supple as possible. You have probably heard of stretch marks, these happen when skin stretch, some people get them others don't. Once you have them you are pretty much stuck with them as there is no miracle cream regardless of what is in the super markets, the only way to remove them is surgery and even then the results can be average. The best way is trying to prevent the marks in the first place. A good daily skin care routine will help to keep the skin soft and supple and keep stretch marks at bay. Massage your skin everyday with a good moisturiser or a massage glove. This will help to improve circulation which encourages new tissue to grow.

As well as moisturizing your bump and massaging it you also need to think about what is going into your body. Eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins, especially vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc and silica will help to keep skin the healthy. Healthy skin-boosting foods include flax oil (linseed), hemp seed, green leafy vegetables, soybeans, avocado, walnuts, sesame seeds (tahini), sunflowers seeds, almonds and oily fish should all be a part of your diet. Drinking about 2 liters of water a day is also advised.

Also remember you are not really eating for two. You do have a baby to feed but this does not mean you should be eating twice as much. The more weight you gain the more chance you have of getting stretch marks. Eating a good healthy diet will keep you and your baby healthy and strong.


Source by Carolyn Clayton

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