Looking For an Electric Bed Mattress? Don't Forget the Linens


When shopping for an electric bed mattress in the UK, the choices are virtually endless. There is one certainty, however, and that is the fact that all beds, whether they have foam mattresses, latex mattresses or custom mattresses, are going to need at least 2 sets of linens. Here's some information about how to choose the perfect linens for electric bed mattresses.

Measure Twice …

Since adjustable beds come in a number of sizes, it's a good idea to carefully measure your mattress to ensure you purchase the correct size sheets. Measure the length, width and height. And if you're wondering whether "regular" bed sheets will work on a mattress for an electric bed, the answer is yes … and no. The problem with standard bed linens is that they are not designed to accommodate the motion of adjustable beds. This means they are likely to pull or even pop off when the bed is operated. Sometimes these linens develop annoying air pockets as well. Fortunately, designers have devised several ways to keep sheets on electric beds. But first things first. Be sure to protect your mattress with a pad.

Start with a Quality Pad

There are a number of options for mattress pads. If you have a dual bottom adjustable bed, then choose a separate mattress pad for each side. It's best to use a product designed for electric beds. If moisture is an issue, Teflon-treated mattress pads are available. These are impervious to moisture and resistant to dust mites. For typical installations, a luxurious quilted 100% cotton mattress pad backed with polyester for shape retention is a good choice. The sides are constructed with spandex, so they stretch in two directions. For the ultimate sleep experience, an indulgent pillow top mattress pad gives a plush feeling without the allergens associated with down. Virtually all pads will fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep.

Wings and Anchors: Part of the Solution

Some of the linens created for an electric bed, sheets especially, have wing-like extensions on the long sides of a fitted bottom sheet. When tucked securely under an electric hospital bed mattress, these sheets will not work free and detach from the bed. Another innovation is anchor straps. These are sturdy but flexible elastic bands sewn diagonally across the four corners of a sheet. The bands then slip underneath the four corners of a mattress to secure the sheet. These innovative products for memory foam mattresses and other types of sleep surfaces assure a restful night's sleep on an adjustable bed.

Now, with measurements in hand and your bed enveloped in a deluxe mattress pad, you're ready to choose from the many types of sheets available in the UK for your electric bed mattress.


Source by Roger Steve

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