Live Better By Paying Attention to Your Insomnia Symptom


The debate and controversy about insomnia have shown no signs of letting up. Common sense would tell you though that regardless of the true nature of insomnia, it pays to pay attention to your insomnia symptom.

Primary Insomnia

Experts are still debating the issue but some hold the opinion that insomnia may be a condition all on its own. This means that a person may be manifesting an insomnia symptom simply because he has insomnia.

Supporters of this theory contest that in some cases, looking at an insomnia symptom as a primary condition is essential to avoid relegating it to another theoretical condition. Subordinating an insomnia symptom may be a way of trivializing the condition. In such a case, primary insomniacs run the risk of not receiving proper care and attention. If you are certain that you do not suffer from any other medical condition, find a doctor who respects the possibility of insomnia as a primary condition.

Secondary Insomnia

The more common notion about the cause of an insomnia symptom is that a person is suffering from one because of a much serious underlying medical condition. This view has perhaps grown in popularity simply because it offers an explanation for insomnia whereas the causes of primary insomnia cannot be completely determined.

In secondary insomnia, you could be suffering from a major physical or psychological condition that could be causing the insomnia. A person for example with an anxiety disorder will normally manifest an insomnia symptom simply because of his worries and anxieties. Physical illnesses such as breathing disorders, sciatica, fibromyalgia and other painful conditions also cause insomnia because of the pain or discomfort that accompany such illnesses. Even a sleeping disorder like sleep apnea may naturally lead to an insomnia symptom.

Medication for Secondary Insomnia

A secondary insomnia symptom may be more difficult to treat than primary insomnia. Medication for a secondary insomnia symptom should be chosen carefully. Otherwise, an individual could end up suffering even more. The usual over the counter antihistamine for a simple insomnia symptom for example may not be safe medication for people with breathing disorders. Depressed individuals under medication may also end up more depressed after taking over the counter insomnia medication.

There have been many medical cases showing the alleviation of insomnia once the primary condition has been treated. Other individuals however may need insomnia medication together with the treatment for the primary condition. A doctor’s opinion in this case should always be sought if an individual feels that there is a need for insomnia medication.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping eight hours a night should not lead you into concluding that you are sleeping well and that you are free from insomnia. Some people sleep for eight hours or more and still wake up exhausted. This may be a sign that you are suffering from some form of insomnia. The best indication that you have had a good night’s sleep is if you wake up energized, can stay up for most of the day and can function properly.


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