Levels of Privacy Offered by Window Films


After UV protection and lower energy bills, one of the top attributes that homeowners and apartment tenants alike seek from their window films is a sense of privacy. Window films can offer a sleek and easy privacy alternative to bulky blinds and clumsy curtains. Here are the pros and cons of three common privacy window films.

One-Way Mirror Films

For those of us who love our view but don’t love others being able to see us, one-way mirror films are an excellent option. You have all of the privacy of a reflective surface during the daytime with none of the obfuscation of your view. One-way mirror films are a great option for homes that benefit from natural light and for homes with small children or pets who enjoy looking outside frequently. These films do not guarantee nighttime privacy, however, so you may want to consider blinds or curtains for nighttime privacy.

Frosted Films

Frosted films give your windows the look of etched glass without the permanency or cost of actually etching your glass. Like glass etching, these films come in a variety of strengths, from barely fogged to completely opaque and everything between. Your level of privacy naturally will vary depending on the opacity of your frosted film. These films are excellent for homes that love natural light but do not necessarily want to see through their windows.

Patterned Films

Much like frosted window films, patterned window films offer homeowners a range of privacy based on opacity. Patterned films differ, though, from frosted films in that they can have a range of subtle to large patterns and can occasionally include colors. Frosted films do not have this drama or visual interest because they are consistent throughout. Patterns can mimic almost anything from paper to fabric to even natural scenery. These films are, like frosted window films, for homes that want the benefits of natural light without the need to see outdoors.


To get the most out of your window films and to maximize the privacy they offer, it is important to have the films properly installed. Though the internet is rife with DIY instructions, it is best to have your window films installed by a professional window tinting company. Window tinting companies are able to quickly install your window films to your satisfaction with a quality level that you simply cannot get from an amateur self-install. In addition, many tinting companies guarantee their work for a certain period of time, meaning that you have someone to call if something should happen.


Source by C. Robinson

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