Lawn Care Tips To Prevent Mosquitoes


One of the most common problems lawn owners encounter on their lawns is pest infestation from termites, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. As of now, mosquitoes are the most dangerous pests living on lawns since they can ruin plants and even serious diseases to humans. To prevent this, lawn care experts cite some tips that can help you. Below are some of the following.

Get rid of standing water

One of the best ways to prevent mosquitoes on your lawns is to get rid of standing water. Standing water is the main breeding areas of mosquitoes. So, getting rid of these areas is important. To prevent standing water, it is ideal for individuals to turn over items that may collect water such as pots, trays and many more.

Throw unnecessary items

The next option in preventing mosquito threat on your lawns is to throw unnecessary items. Most individuals store items on their lawns. However, some of these items collect water. These include old tyres, buckets, cans as well as jars. Disposing these items properly can reduce the risks of mosquito threats which can help you create a better and safer environment for the members of your family.

Trim lawns regularly

Another important task that individuals need to accomplish to prevent mosquitoes on their lawns is to trim their lawns. Mosquitoes are known to feast on plant nectar when they are not prowling for blood. That is why, these insects are commonly found on tall grasses or around shrubs and bushes. Because of this, trimming lawns regularly is important to help you get rid of areas wherein mosquitoes can hide.

Make use of pest repellants

If you are having serious mosquito problems on your lawns, the ideal solution is to invest in pest repellants. These chemicals can be purchased on your local garden shops. However, it is important to read instructions before using. Not to mention, lawn care experts also recommend individuals to opt for organic repellants to avoid certain side effects. Plus, hiring experts is also essential to ensure that this task can be completed properly and safely.

Try planting pest-repelling plants

Finally, in case that you want to get rid of mosquitoes and other pests naturally, it is best for individuals to try planting pest-repelling plants such as Citronella, Horsemint, Marigolds, Ageratum and even Catnip. With all these options, individuals can choose the right plant that can make their lawns safer and more appealing at the same time.

These are only some of the best ways that can help create a safer place for individuals and make lawn a mosquito free area.


Source by Johnny Carlino

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