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Wake up refreshed and ready for your day when you sleep on a latex mattress. Europe has embraced the latex mattresses for many years and Americans are finally joining the bandwagon of a great night’s sleep and the benefits of latex. Care in selecting your new mattress is easy once you understand the qualities to look for.

There are two different ways of latex preparation for mattresses, Talalay and Dunlop. Each preparation has unique properties of their own and personal preference can determine which is the best for you. You can also choose a natural botanical latex mattress or a combination synthetic and natural for your bed. There is a modest price difference for a botanical mattress and that may be a factor in your decision.

When harvesting the rubber it is tapped, much like syrup is for maple syrup. It is then processed and air is whipped into the milky rubber creating foam that is poured into a mattress template. The Talalay procedure extracts the air and flash freezes the mattress. Without getting too technical, the freezing creates open cells in the latex that makes it have a little more spring back to it. The Dunlop procedure does not remove the air and lets the foam cure naturally this mattress is much denser.

Botanical latex naturally has antibacterial and mold resistant qualities to it. It is also hypoallergenic so in a time when research is abundant about dust mite and other allergies that affect the sleep, this seems like an obvious choice. The mattress is cleaned to remove any impurities from the processing and the smell associated with latex. There may be a slight latex smell when you first receive your mattress, but that will dissipate. When choosing your mattress make sure to choose a removal cover for cleaning and that the cover is also an eco-product.

Synthetic latex is made from petroleum based products that when combined with natural latex offers a stiffer firmer mattress. The advantages of the combination of materials critics say offer a firmer more stable core to the mattress. Other critics say it all boils down to cost. The mattresses are cheaper and more cost effective and offer some of the same properties as the all natural product.

When choosing your latex mattress remember that botanical latex is a renewable resource. That means that the trees keep producing the rubber and also give back to our planet in terms of oxygen. What ever you decision, whether it be natural or a blend for your mattress, you will purchase a product that will last 30 or more years.


Source by Tim Andrews

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