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Since the dawn of time, a child is perceived to be the most important possession of every parent, regardless of religion, race, and ideals. The parents are always looking for what’s best for their child. And will do anything to protect their own. From the clothes they wear to the food they eat, they are constantly watched over because they are more sensitive and prone to diseases than fully grown adults. Unfortunately there are not enough products to make sure they are constantly safe. From toys to milk substitutes, the standard bar goes lower every generation and grows harmful in some ways. The same can be said about baby beddings. A lot of independent mattress reviews and manufacturers are more concern about the baby bed designs and comfort rather than comfort and safety. Not until today.

Essentia manufactured a Natural Memory Foam mattress for baby cribs which is specially designed to provide comfort and safety. Essentia is the proud maker of Natural Memory Foam mattresses which aims to make quality beds that are environmental friendly with zero health risks. Essentia is based in Montreal, Canada and founded by Jack Dell Accio the company was financed by Versatile Inc. to create organically derived products. The mattresses were produced from extensive researched and development efforts to find a bed that not only offers comfort but will also help reduce the risks of picking up diseases from harmful ingredients commonly found in the mattress industry.

The company mastered the art of producing mattresses with organic properties extracted from rubber tree sap mixed with essential oils, water, plus properties extracted from other plants to come up with a unique brand that offers both the healthy benefits of naturally derived latex and the comfort of the memory foam technology, only this time, they are all natural. The mattress gives a lot of benefits to the consumers and at the same time keeps the environment a little safer. Because of these reasons, it is not hard to imagine why the brand is the most suitable item for your child’s needs. The cheap mattress is sold at $ 479, a small price to pay for the benefits that your child is sure to enjoy.

The benefits which make the Lala natural foam the ultimate choice for your baby’s crib

  • Made from 100% natural latex
  • Untreated organic cotton cover
  • No glues or adhesive involved in the manufacturing process
  • Inherited the dust mite deterrent of its main component
  • No chemical smell
  • Safe for the babies’ skin because their hypo-allergenic
  • Have added water proofing system
  • Absolutely 100% bio-degradable
  • Allows the air to pass through its inner cores without restrictions like a latex foam

The mattress is so comfortable because of its memory foam characteristics which are all natural as mentioned above. They have faster return ratio than the chemically produced memory foam and other mattresses. They are also very durable, hold the spinal structures in their normal forms and very supportive. This baby crib mattress come in 51x27x4.5 solitary size which can cover the entire length of the baby crib.


Source by Kim Hoffman

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