Know Your Type: What Mattress Works for You?


Sleep. It is so important to our basic daily activities that numerous studies have been done showing how important it is to our health and well-being. From how many hours we need each night to how much light, sound, etc. will benefit one as they sleep, the type of fabrics used for bedding to the types of foods to eat to encourage good sleep, the world of sleep has many things to consider. But, perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider is the type of mattress you are sleeping on each night.

If you have always figured that whatever mattress is on the bed frame is the mattress you need, then perhaps it is time to spend an hour or two as a mattress store. In doing so, you will find a myriad of mattress types ranging from super soft and cloud-like to firm and brick-like, and virtually anything in between. Then, when you add in features like down pads on top, the ability to raise or lower the bed, and other aspects, it is easy to spend an entire day at a mattress store just to find the one that works for your space, body type, and of course, budget.

As you begin looking for a new mattress, be sure you understand a bit about each type available. Here are some simple descriptions of the most common mattresses on today's mattress stores.

· Latex – these are crafted specifically from latex foam and are best known for their cooling properties and responsiveness to body position.

· Memory foam – As one would think, these mattresses are great for body contouring, pressure relief and providing great support.

· Coils – This one of the most common types of mattresses. It is designed using 1 or more layers of springs designed to distribute weight and pressure evenly, great bounce and helps in keeping you coal as air flow within the mattress is better.

· Pillow top – These have a pillow (down, or another soft material) sewn onto the top of the mattress. This type of mattress often does not require a box spring.

· Adjustable – Perhaps consider the top of the line mattress, these mattresses offer you the ability to adjust the position of the mattress with just the touch of a button. You can elevate your feet, sit up and still have back support, or perhaps, enjoy a massage, or even have a heated element perfect for those times when joints are sore or temps are cooler.

· Hybrids – These are made from a combination of latex, memory foam, coils and other materials and designed to maximize a number of aspects such as bounce, cooling, responsiveness and others, while downplaying any negative traits of a particular material.

Choosing the perfect mattress for your needs can be a longer task and perhaps even visits to several mattress stores. But don't give up and settle for "any old mattress." Take the time to select one that work for all your criteria. Talk to friends, seek out salespersons who will be truthful or share personal experiences, ad make it a point to lay down on as many different types and to lay down on as many mattresses as you can to determine what works for you. After all, you will be sleeping on this for a number of years and you want to be comfortable.


Source by Janet Slagell

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