King Koil Mattresses – Don’t Buy One Until You Read This


If you’re looking to replace your existing bed mattress but can’t afford a Sealy Posturepedic, don’t think you have to settle for second best. King Koil mattresses may not be as well known as some brands however, they deserve to be. They are cheaper but are just as good, if not better, than their more expensive competitors.

Don’t let anyone tell you that King Koil mattresses are cheap or off-brand. Certainly, they are cheaper than many other, well-known brands but that doesn’t mean they’re any less good. Quite often you get more with a King Koil mattress than you would with a more expensive counterpart. Also, just because the company may be less well-known than some other brands doesn’t mean they’re off-brand; the company has been making mattresses since 1898, longer than most.

If you’re looking for a traditional innerspring mattress that’s still reasonably priced then you should consider what this company has to offer. The company currently offers 3 main collections; the King Koil Spine Support, Perfect Contour and Perfect Contour Extraordinaire.

The Spine Support mattress offers a 3-zone Bonnell innerspring coil unit. The 420 coils are made from the best high-tempered steel. Attached to the spring unit is a layer of 2 1/2″ firm poly foam with an additional layer of 1/2″ memory foam. Unlike more expensive brands this bed mattress does not have to be flipped.

The Perfect Contour offers additional support with its 5-zone coil system. Additionally, each row of coils is then laced to adjoining rows with head-to-toe connecting wires that help prevent motion transfer from one sleep partner to the other. The edging is also excellent, using high-density foam to create a firm edge that helps to extend the total sleeping area of the mattress.

The Perfect Contour Extraordinaire is a step up, offering the buyer more luxurious fabrics and materials. This is the top-of-the-line collection of innerspring mattresses from King Koil. This is a quality bed mattress that’s a fraction of the cost of other brands like the Sealy Posturepedic.

The company also offers a latex mattress and, to my mind, is the best mattress the company makes. You will be hard pressed to find a latex version of this quality at this price.

If you know anything about latex mattresses you’ll know that Talalay is the finest available. Other companies, like Restonic, also offer this type, but few can match King Koil on price. The company’s latex mattress is known as the Natural Elegance collection. Natural is a little bit of a misnomer – I wish the company had chosen a different name – as the mattress is made from both natural and synthetic latex. The natural latex provides the ultimate luxury and support while the synthetic latex gives the mattress durability.

Quite honestly, you can buy better bed mattresses – the Sealy Posturepedic may arguably be better – however, you will not be able to find a mattress that can match King Koil mattresses for quality at such competitive prices.


Source by Robin Cassidy

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