Key Points to Take Into Account When Purchasing a New Mattress


Keep these 5 key points in mind next time you go mattress shopping:

1) Familiarise yourself with the signs that indicate you need a new mattress

Knowing that we spend approximately a third of our lives in bed should explain sufficiently why every mattress needs to be replaced at some point. Lumpiness, sagging, shagginess and springs popping out are some of these signs. Without a firm mattress, your body isn’t getting the support it needs while you sleep – causing restless nights and physical discomfort. Keep a record of how long you’ve had a mattress and take note of how it feels – perhaps you’ll realise it’s time for a new one.

2) Enquire

It is vital to do research before purchasing a new mattress. Luckily there are various online resources available to help you decide on the best brand for you. Although there are so many resources, find out from your friends, family and even a chiropractor which brand they would recommend. Firsthand knowledge is always valuable when considering possibilities.

3) Don’t be shy to lie on the mattresses

Lying on a mattress for a while is very important when you are shopping for one. Go to the shop, take 15 minutes or so, and try out the mattresses. When doing this – turn around, lie still, sit up, move around to see if it suits your needs. Of course, this won’t imitate what a full night’s use would feel like, but it will give you an idea. Understand that choosing the right mattress takes time.

4) Consider the Size

Do not just, for example, assume that a double bed will be adequate for you and your partner. Are you two large people, do you sleep with your arms and legs all over the place, do you move around a lot at night? Considering a King size bed might be a better option! Mattresses come in an array of bed sizes: Single, Quarter, Double, Queen, King and King Extra Length. Discuss the various options with the sales consultant.

5) Guarantees, Warranties and Return policies

Determining whether a mattress is the best fit for you will take more than just rolling around on them in a bed store. It may take several nights’ sleep to decide whether your mattress meets your comfort and suitability needs.

Customers usually have the option of returning or exchanging any product, as long as the comply with the terms and conditions set out by the retailer’s Returns Department. Concerning guarantees and warranties – each manufacturer sets out their own policies.

6) Trust the specialists

Be sure you purchase your mattress from an established, reliable and well-informed business. Also look for a retailer that offers their products online with detailed descriptions of the products as well as comfort levels. This will help you to make the right decision for the right mattress for your own unique needs.


Source by Bonnita Kingston

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