Keep Official Communications Private


There are several occasions when your entire team needs to communicate with each other simultaneously. One way out is using a VOIP or the voice over internet protocol. However, this implies that each one is at his / her desk and has access to the computer and broadband. This is not always feasible as most people in the construction business know. Whether it is security personnel in a multi-storied building or mall; or in businesses like transportation, interior decoration or construction, you might have several people at different locations that need to communicate what is going on. This issue is better resolved using walkie-talkies.

Professional Usage Requires Professional Gear

The idea is to ensure that you or your personnel are not at the mercy of cell phone service providers. When you opt for professional Walkie talkies you know that the frequency has been fixed by computer and the users can't change it, thus ensuring confidentiality. Amateurs desirous of listening in can be thwarted by the fact that only channels ¾ not the frequency ¾ are displayed. Such a radio system for communication is reliable and efficient to use due to voice clarity and long battery life. You don't want the battery to die on you just when somebody has some critical information to convey.

In fact, the Motorola Talkabout EM 1000 R has some advanced features, which makes it ideal for professional use, including a range of twenty miles and emergency alert mechanisms. However, you will need other products like portable, plug and play ready cameras disguised as eyeglasses or sunglasses or even a pen or a wristwatch. Spyglasses are the tools that drive investigative journalism, crime investigation, and espionage.

Whatever may be the kind of undercover camera which you use, make sure that it has night vision and can make clear recordings even in the dark or in uncertain lighting. Try looking for the kind of video cameras which use the progressive scanning method to produce razor sharp images even with fast moving objects like passing cars. You will also need a DVR for recording, retrieving, storing, transferring and saving digitally recorded files. In the latest models of DVRs the basic operations like start, stop, pause, search and tracking saved files are simple and easy to operate. Just ensure that both the camera and the DVR have a hard drive size that matches the time frame while recording at the highest possible resolution and frame rate.


Source by Richi James

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