Jamison Mattress Reviews – A Reliable and Comfortable Mattress Brand


There was a reason why this mattress attracts consumers like cows attract flies. One of those numerous reasons is its old lineage. Having been in this industry since 1883, they are like aged wine to a drunkard-simply irresistible.

To say that they have improved in their craft is an understatement. Jamison century of experience makes them one of the early favorites of homeowners. When it comes to evolution of mattresses, Jamison Company did it with their own individual flair.

The proof is out there in their numerous retailers. Last count says they have 400 retailers in the US. They do not only cater to homeowners, business establishments also patronize their mattresses including world-renowned hotels such as Intercontinental Hotel, Choice Hotel and the Marriott Hotel.

Even without listening to the good slumber stories of loyal patrons, you will immediately buy this mattress brand in a heartbeat because of its unswerving reputation.

What Beds Are Ideal?

Their best sellers are their innerspring mattresses. Traditional methods are virtually dinosaurs in this day and age but Jamison does it so well you would trade your sophisticated mattress for a traditional bed like this.

Using tempered steel coupled with high-end LFK coil, every mattress ensures blissful slumber. The coils are actually open at both ends with double offset. This method is teamed with Smart Coil technology unique to Jamison. This technology is alternately placed in the mattress to evenly distribute weight and lessen motion transfer.

This technology has not been put to shade by the sprouting of advanced bedding methods today. But proving to the world that their company can cope up with the newest trends and the discerning needs of consumers, Jamison has also introduced its line of Jamison memory foam mattress and Jamison latex mattresses.

What Do People Say About Their Mattresses?

Many people trust this mattress company whether it is because of their reputation or the quality of their mattresses or the backing of renowned establishments. It does not take a genius to figure out that people love this because it is a great mattress. It just has the right comfort they prefer and it certainly lives up to its promise of durability and support.

The Verdict

Whether it is for your business or for your home needs, Jamison mattress is a good choice. In fact, it has lots of potential to be placed at the top most part of your potential mattresses worth investing in. It is safe to say that with this mattress brand, you can never go wrong.


Source by Zach Smith

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