Is She a Closet Horse Lover?


It can be very scary entering into a new relationship because it takes some time before you feel like you are really getting to know your new girlfriend. There are many things that you will be able to find out about your new girlfriend by simply asking her. This could include what her favorite color is, when her birthday is, and what her favorite movie is. These are the simple things; it can be a little more challenging trying to determine what her true personality is and if she is a “closet horse lover”.

Many people may not know what a closet horse lover is. A closet horse lover is a person, usually a woman, who is infatuated with horses and everything horse related. What makes a closet horse lover different from an ordinary horse lover is that she is afraid that you will not like horses as much as she does so she will try to keep it a secret from you, but there are some signs that men can watch for to determine if their new girlfriend is a closet horse lover.

The first warning sign is that she will have a secret stash of horse magazines. These could be hidden under the mattress or in a shoe box in the top of the closet and if you are to find her secret stash of magazines, she will go one of two ways. She will either deny that the magazines are hers, or she will come clean and confess that she is a horse lover.

Another thing that men can be observant of to determine if their new girlfriend is a closet horse lover is to pay attention to how she is dressed when she comes home. Many women who own horses will go for a short horseback ride after work. If your girlfriend leaves for work in the morning wearing a business suit and comes home in blue jeans and an “I love horses” tee shirt it is probably safe to assume that she owns a horse and was out riding.

When confronted, many women will confess that they are a closet horse lover, but what makes women hide their love for horses in the first place? Many women are afraid that their new boyfriends will become jealous of their horses because owning a horse is a big responsibility and will take up much of woman time. Many men who have not been around horses find it hard to accept that their girlfriends spend so much time in a smelly barn with a horse everyday.

This is why women will go to such great lengths to keep their horse a secret. Most women are sneaky and they think that if they can keep their horse a secret long enough that by the time their boyfriend finds out he will already be in love with her and he will just accept the horse instead of breaking up. What women do not know is that most men enjoy spending quality time in front of the television while they are at the barn.


Source by Ron Petracek

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