Is Actual Spy Keylogger the Most Trusted Private Eye?


Actual Spy Keylogger is a worthy software program that runs in the background to check on any scurrilous activity on your computer. It works by remaining hidden in the background most of the time, records the keystrokes, and then logs them for further use. In a world where there are dangerous spyware, this one truly works for you.

What does the program do?

All kinds of user actions are recorded in this log and you can peruse them later on. It does not however record mouse movements. Once this program is installed on your computer, you can easily scrutinize what happened on your computer in your absence. Since it can be protected by a password, you do not need to worry about other people using it or erasing activity history. This program is not even detected through anti-virus software. Apart from keystrokes, Actual Spy Keylogger takes screen shots of programs run at prescribed intervals.

Who can make use of Actual Spy Keylogger?

Employers who want to keep a tab on their employees can install this software.

If you have banned your employees from using the Internet for personal activities, you will be alerted if they do with this program running. Instead of watching them with hidden cameras and other equipment, this system works effectively. Even though you may not be able to pinpoint the exact location of particular web information, it will works well recording each and every keystroke, their application path, the time of each keystroke and so on. This will allow covert surveillance of the activities of your kids at home and this is something especially useful when they are on their own.

The disadvantages of this software

Actual Spy Keylogger starts its monitoring activity only when URLs are typed, and it does not work with browser windows other than Internet Explorer. Be careful about letting other people access information saved by Actual Spy Keylogger, as it may record confidential information such as passwords. There is also the chance that such information could be recorded by spyware and sent to a third party, which could prove disastrous.

Just like two sides of a coin, this program has its dark side too. If there is a malicious person sitting out there checking on your passwords and e-mail messages, this software comes as a boon to them. If this program exists on a computer, which someone else has the password to he or she has access to your confidential information, credit card details, social security number and emails. This person can read all such information and they can easily use it to their advantage. So remember that there may be someone out there spying on your Internet activity.

Using this program in your office and home for spying will let you in on many things but you should now that such spying is not always legal.

The installation and removal process

It is very easy to download this program to your computer and there is very little installation time. You may feel that its multi-tabbed interface is confusing, but in very little time, you can master navigating it. If you want to uninstall Actual Spy Keylogger, carefully carry out a few actions. The program uses dozens of files and deleting it incorrectly could prove harmful to your system. Being a small program Actual Spy Keylogger takes up only 1.5 mb of space and you can run it on any version of Windows. The latest version called Version 3.0 was released in February 2010 and it allows screen shots to be taken at intervals of mere seconds. Once installed, you can automatically set it to auto-hide.

Related programs

A couple of antispam programs are Spydetect 3.0 and ITIC Spam Filter 2.3. The former conducts a scan when you know there is a spy file on your computer and the former checks your e-mail and kills all the spam that comes in through your POP3 account. These work well with Actual Spy Keylogger and provide extra protection for your computer.


Source by Mindy J Matter

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