Insomnia – Natural Sleep – And Groucho Marx

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Best remedy for insomnia? quipped Groucho Marx. “A good night’s sleep!”

Actually Groucho himself suffered from chronic insomnia – his way of dealing with it? Calling up acquaintances in the early hours and insulting them down the phone line.

But habitual sleeplessness is no joke. Sound sleep is as essential to us as food, air and water. And a prolonged and consistent failure to achieve it is usually frustrating, depressing, exhausting and… unless checked, habit forming.

All quite unnecessary!

Natural sleep is best secured through natural sleep aid. And as I will show, this is a route you can master with little difficulty.

But for millions the drug-crutch is a way of life; a nightmare seemingly without end. In the Western World as many as one in ten of us is taking sleeping pills.

And despite the high hopes on opening those first few strips, for most it becomes an horrendous carrousel of amping up the pill-popping while getting diminishing returns.

Pill-Popping Comes at a High Price

According to the authoritative British Medical Journal, regular sleeping pill takers are averaging just 25 minutes extra sleep a night. And there is a price paid – over and above the escalating cross-counter drug bill.

And high on the tab: drowsiness, daytime fatigue and impaired and sluggish thinking.

No wonder the influential Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin condemns a prolonged sleeping tablet regime as representing “a risk to individual and public health and cannot be justified.”

Natural Sleep Remedies For You!

So it’s good to know you can cure insomnia by yourself and at your own pace. Natural sleep remedies enable you to sleep naturally free from the grip of expensive and questionable drugs.

For starters, here are a just a few suggestions:

  • Exercise: Moderate and regular.
  • Establish a regular routine that gives you the sleep your body needs – often eight but could be less, according to your own and specific needs.
  • Relax mentally and physically an hour before bedtime.
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. (Stick with this – it gets easier and better!)
  • Reflect on the good things that have happened – and are happening – in your life. Play a mental “newsreel” of your achievements and successes. Kick some imagined, disagreeable, and most probably fictitious “future” into touch.
  • In the hours up to bed time stay away from caffeine and – especially – alcohol.
  • And take a nice warn (but not hot) relaxing bath. Purrfect!


Source by David Anson

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