Importance of Web Testing


A website is the online identity of an online enterprise. It introduces a business online and gives the first-hand information to customers. Isn't important to check usability and worthiness of a website before it goes live? After all, website represents your business and a web testing ensures that you make the right impression on the minds of targeted customers.

Why do we need web testing?
Good question. Not every mind thinks same. Also, the probably of their actions to be common is very low. That is why, web testing is important in every sense. What if your customers use Mac or Windows? What if they use Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome or any other search engine? There are a number of choices available today and users are allowed to pick anything that interests them.

Thus, a web testing ensures that your website is functional on every browser and platforms. In addition, you can make your website compatible for handicapped and blind users as well.

Things to be tested on a website:
The primary goal of every website is to maximize the experience of every user who surfs the site. In order to enhance the usability of a website, three main factors need to be thoroughly screened well:

Browse Bugs:
Many times, older as well as newer browse don't stick with established standards hence, they may not look equally good in all browsers. These bugs may results into different ways including, broken page layout, inadequate font size, alignment concerns, and spacing errors.

Functionality Issues:
The functionality of a website is an important concern for all website owners. A careful testing ensures that all the functionalities given on a website is working as per instructions or not.

Accessibility Concerns:
Accessibility is a crucial concern for all websites. Nowadays, with the passing on laws, it has become a duty of website designers to give equal access to all users irrespective of their physical strengths and capabilities.


Source by Jai Prakash Sharma

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