How to Spec Your Warrior For Tanking in World of Warcraft


Last updated on 20 May 2008 Warriors usually decide to Tank when they get annoyed with how many groups seem to dislike DPS warriors. Or like me, you enjoy the control and challenge of tanking. Whatever your reason, Tanking is an intense and very important part of a warriors wow career. You are responsible for marking,leading, and pulling in your 5 mans, and can make the difference between repeated wipes and 1-shot kills in raids. This is a big job. My goal is to give you some talent specs that can put your mind at ease when deciding which talents are best for you.

Common Talents for 5/10/25 man groups

In every Tanking spec there are a few things that we always take. I will list them here.

Arms Tree

Deflection (5/5)

Improved Thunder Clap (3/3)

Fury Tree

Cruelty (5/5)

Protection Tree

Improved Bloodrage (2/2)

Shield Specialization (5/5)

Toughness (5/5)

Improved Shield Block (1/1)

Defiance (3/3)

Last Stand (1/1)

Improved Sunder Armor (2/3)

Concussion Blow (1/1)

Shield Mastery (3/3)

One-Handed Weapon Specialization (5/5)

Shield Slam (1/1)

Focused Rage (3/3)

Vitality (5/5)

Devastate (1/1)

These talents I have just written are basically the most useful talents you can possibly pick for any spec. The remaining talent choices will specialize you for 5, 10, or 25 man content.

Standard 5/10 Mans

In 5 man groups we can either be doing a normal or a heroic instance. Generally they both require the same things, but heroics are just a lot more demanding and less forgiving. 10 Mans require most of the same things as in heroics. In this spec we desire more control and more importantly more threat. In a heroic, pulling aggro can easily result in a wipe if you aren’t fast.

First we will add a point to fill out Improved Sunder Armor. Also to get some more control we will take Tactical Mastery (3/3) and also get Improved Revenge (3/3). Tactical Mastery allows us to switch stances to berserker rage through a fear, or maybe to intercept a loose monster running for the healer. Improved Revenge allows us to stun our target and take considerably less damage in the long run ( as Revenge is the most efficient way to generate Threat). Now we will also take Improved Defensive Stance (3/3) to help us in situations where we take heavy magical damage that we would otherwise have little/no defense against.

In summary:

Improved Sunder Armor (3/3)

Tactical Mastery (3/3)

Improved Revenge (3/3)

Improved Defensive Stance (3/3)

Offtanking/High Threat

For a build that gives you that extra threat that you might be needing in groups with very geared dps, try the following. Get Improved Heroic Strike (3/3) and Anger Management (1/1) in the Arms Tree. Anger Management is a really handy talent for when you may not take enough damage and are just a few points of rage from using a move. Improved Heroic Strike can be very nice when you are dpsing in a raid as protection ( if only one tank was needed ). Heroic strike + Devastate spamming can still allow you to do a fair amount of damage. Also to make it more viable as an Offtank Spec we take Anticipation (3/5), Improved Sunder Armor (3/3) and Improved Shield Wall (2/2). This spec is great for offtanking in 25 mans or even for main tanking 5/10 mans where you want a little extra threat.

In summary:

Improved Heroic Strike (3/3)

Anger Management (1/1)

Anticipation (3/5)

Improved Sunder Armor (3/3)

Improved Shield Wall (2/2)

25 Mans

25 Man raids are very different from 5/10 man groups as we are dealing with very high amounts of damage and without an appropriate spec we are nothing but holding back the guilds progression. We need all the damage reducing talents we can find, and whatever else can save us from a wipe. First, we take Anticipation (5/5) to improve our defense significantly. Next, we take Improved Shield Wall (2/2) to help us survive a sticky situation and give the raid time to recover. Lastly, we take Improved Defensive Stance (3/3) as this is quite helpful for magic heavy fights.

In summary:

Anticipation (5/5)

Improved Shield Wall (2/2)

Improved Defensive Stance (3/3)

Final Note

If you are having a hard time reaching 490 defense ( the defense requirement to not take critical hits in PVE) you would be better off transferring points into Anticipation from Improved Sunder Armor, Improved Defensive Stance, Improved Heroic Strike, Anger Management and Improved Revenge. I do not recommend taking them out of many other talents as they are quite important.

I hope this guide can take the worry away from respecting to protection and let you have a better understanding of what talents are the most important for your situation.


Source by Steve Hans

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