How to Remove the Click Potato Virus for Good

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A common and famous malicious browser hijacking virus is the Click Potato virus. If you haven't downloaded and installed the best antivirus software on your computer, this virus can install itself on to your system without you even knowing about it. By the time you figure out something is wrong, it's over. Once it gets in to your hard drive it then starts harassing you with pop-up ads for a variety of different products. This one can be very hard to get rid of since it's so closely tied to the browser. To learn how to remove this program, please continue reading.

Click Potato is a program that will start a constant stream of pop-up ads once it's in your system, rendering your computer virtually unusable. The ads that will pop up are fake ads so be very careful not to click on any of these and use your credit card to try to buy them or you will have your credit card information stolen. It will also slow down and disrupt most, if not all, of your basic Windows functions and produce error messages.

This one can be a bit of a challenge to remove and most people don't know the right way of getting rid of it. Again, if you have the best antivirus software for your needs, then you'll likely not experience this problem and that is the preferred outcome. But if you have already gotten infected then it is important to understand that this isn't like a regular virus. It is considered as malware, so besides downloading and running the best antivirus that you can find, you will probably also need a specific program to remove the Click Potato virus. The process of removing it is to simply stop all the activity from the program and then through your removal program get rid of it for good.

You can also manually remove it if you're an expert or advanced user. If this is how you want to proceed then boot in to safe mode and stop all activities of the Click Potato program. Then just locate and delete all files and folders that have anything at all to do with the Click Potato. When finished, make sure to keep yourself safe by researching and downloading the best antivirus program you can find.

One of the best ways to get rid of this virus is to download a program called "Frontline Rogue Remover." This program will go through your computer, find and delete all files and settings that have anything to do with the Click Potato virus so you will get rid of everything all at once. But I cannot stress enough that if you don't want this to happen to you again in the future, then you should always have the best antivirus program updated and running on your computer to keep all of your information safe.


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