How To Keep Co-Workers From Shoulder Surfing


Shoulder surfing is something that can be quite dangerous, particularly if you are doing something that requires privacy. Say that you are hitting the ATM, typing in an important password, or reading sensitive documents for your eyes only, and all the while someone is looking over your shoulder. Your personal information could fall into the wrong hands, and it is important to prevent that.

Shoulder surfing while it work is another thing to think about, especially if you like to take a break and check your online banking, long into your email account, or do anything that requires privacy. There is always that one co-worker that will constantly be looking over your shoulder while you are using your PC, and it is important that you do what you can to prevent shoulder surfing while you are using your PC.

So what can you do?

Use a privacy filter screen. These screens are basically thin sheets of plastic that make it impossible for anyone not sitting directly in front of your PC monitor to see what you are doing. Just slide this screen on, and you can enjoy complete privacy as you surf your PC without worrying about anyone walking by and seeing what you are doing.

Set up in a corner. If you have the choice of where you want your desk or PC to be set up, it’s always best that you sit in a corner of the room. Few people walk by the room’s corners, and thus you can guarantee yourself a good amount of privacy by sitting in a place where no one goes.

Use the right furniture. If you are working in a regular office where all the furniture has to be standard, it can be hard to avoid shoulder surfing. However, if you have the choice of tables and desks to use, it is always best to get one that has a frame around your PC. This frame will help to block the screen from the view of anyone not directly in front of it, thus helping you to be certain that only you can see what is going on.

Stay aware of your surroundings. If you suspect that people are trying to shoulder surf as you are on your PC, keep an eye on what is going on around you. See if there are lots of people walking by, people that may not have a real reason to come over where you are. Try and spot people that are obviously out of place, as well as anyone that is trying to see over your shoulder.

Know who the shoulder surfers are. There is always that guy or girl in the office that loves to shoulder surf, so learn who these people are in order to be wary when they are around. Some people are more obvious about it, while others try to hide it. Learn who the shoulder surfers are and keep an eye on them.


Source by Mandy H. Smith

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