How to Hide and Disappear From an Abusive Husband Or Boyfriend Through Workplace Privacy


An abusive husband or boyfriend may attempt to stalk his victim once the couple has separated.

A battered woman may depend on law enforcement, court orders, and social service agencies for a period of time as she is coping with a breakup. Agencies and law enforcement have their place in domestic abuse matters, but ultimately the individual who desires freedom and privacy must rely on lifestyle changes for personal privacy and security.

A stalker may use his victim’s place of employment as a primary source for locating his ex-wife or girlfriend.

Many public and private data bases contain the personal and confidential information of current and past employees. Records of employers and employees are extensive and may be found in many data banks and data protection cannot be achieved through the changing of jobs or by relocation. Employees can be tracked and traced through their names, date of birth, Social Security number, and employer information.

Successful workplace privacy can be accomplished by using a separate entity to receive payments on behalf of the individual whose goal is to work beneath the radar. A Nevada Limited Liability Company registered privately through the use of a Trust as manager of the LLC has provided privacy for the owners and managers of this entity. The LLC may be used as the entity to receive payments normally received by the employee who wishes to regain her privacy at work. Essentially, the LLC is hired to fill a job while the manager and privacy seeker performs the actual work while receiving payments from the LLC.

Successful negotiations between the individual desiring the privacy protection and an employer will be required for the implementation of this non-traditional, work relationship. In addition, the potential for a successful work agreement may be enhanced when the services of the individual are in great demand and when incentives are offered to the employer.

A medical technician has used this workplace privacy model in a location where demand was high for her skills. This medical technician agreed to work as a subcontractor while her company, the LLC received payments from the company that utilizes her services, an outpatient diagnostic facility. In this actual case history, the employer agreed to hire the LLC while the lady manager performed all job requirements of a traditional employee and was able to obtain a higher salary and a more flexible work schedule in exchange for a less extensive work benefit package. Both parties are winning in this business relationship that provides decreased employee costs to the employer and increased privacy at work for the former stalking victim.

Through the use of a Limited Liability Company and privacy registration principles, one can restructure employment while working in their usual and customary occupation, business or profession. The workplace privacy program outlined herein has been tested and is a proven method for establishing employee privacy. The LLC as the “employee” of record has its own tax identification number and this employment structure enables those endangered by an abusive ex or a troublesome stalker to have workplace privacy while preventing a privacy invasion at work. Reduced exposure through employee and employer data bases has been used successfully to stop stalking problems.

Certain occupations and professions pose few obstacles for the innovative lady who desires to break the paper trail from her identity to her job. Examples of positions that have been filled while using the LLC as the entity receiving payments on behalf of the manager performing the duties include: nurse, psychologist, automobile mechanic, website developer, actress, computer technician, property manager, office manager, bookkeeper and graphic designer.


Source by Grant Hall

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